Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Bad Idea

Hello everyone, this is Marie-Grace, in my first ever blog post! I hope I'm doing it correctly. The topic of today's writing is... well... a bad idea I had. Unfortunately when it comes to ideas, when no one has a better one, sometimes you have to use any idea that seems like it might suffice, no matter how terrible it is.

The problem: What do you do when a group of powerful vampires with a major superiority complex seems determined to meddle in your lives and cause you (potentially lethal) trouble?

The most obvious solution, of course, is strength in numbers. The Elders may be powerful because of sheer force, but they've made a lot of enemies over the years, because they've bullied a lot of other vampires, and because they're so petty and territorial. They may be feared, but they aren't particularly liked. If we could get enough vampires to gather here, we would have pretty good odds of prevailing in a fight. (Kirsten thinks we should hold this fight at the local stadium and sell tickets.) All we would really need to do is arrange the meeting, and make sure we've stacked the deck with enough vampires who share the mutual enemy.

There is a major obstacle involved in this solution, though. We're fairly sure we could get enough vampires here, and that they'd be willing to help - if only out of dislike for The Elders, rather than out of any particular fondness for us. We're fairly sure that our side would win; there are enough disgruntled vampires for that, if they could just be organized in an effort. Unfortunately, we're also fairly sure that we would not be able to control our own "side" once they were here.

Not all vampires are content to live on rats and pigeons. Not all vampires are nice. Not all vampires care about human life at all.

Introducing a large number of new vampires - many of whom would have no moral dietary constraints at all - into our local area would be unimaginably irresponsible. We would have no way of preventing them from feeding on the human inhabitants. Any vampire alone is potentially dangerous, but congregating many of them in the same place would be a disaster. People would die.

So... saving our own lives in that way is not an option.

We've been pondering, for the last few weeks, what we could do instead. That was the purpose of my library trip - trying to find out the details of how The Elders lost fights in the past, and what the other side did to win. The information was sketchy; The Elders are too proud to keep much record of their few defeats. One theme did come up several times, though. Even as I was dropping out a window and fleeing for my life, a plan was starting to form in my mind.

The only problem is, it's an admittedly terrible idea!

I decided to suggest it to Bree, first, since I would need her help if it was going to work. Casually, I mentioned my research, and then said, "I think I know where we could get another ally."

"Vampire allies?" Bree asked.

I shook my head. "No. Someone from nearby." I took a deep breath, and then said my bad idea. "The fairies could help us."

Bree blinked a few times. Finally, she said carefully, as though afraid of hurting my feelings in spite of my life-threatening stupidity, "Yeah, I'm sure they could help... but what makes you think they would?"

I was prepared for this question, because I'd thought through it myself a hundred times. "I do have my reasons to think so. As Inna told us, fairies and vampires often don't get along. The fair folk don't seem to mind a few of us being here, as long as we don't bother them... but what would they think of The Elders, storming into their territory, bothering the inhabitants, fighting with other vampires, and acting like they own the place? The Elders seem to be trying to establish a foothold of control here, maybe permanently. I don't think the fair folk will be pleased about it. I think they'll want to protect their own land, even if they don't care at all what happens to our family."

"You realize that some fairies do also eat people?" Bree pointed out.

I nodded. "I realize that. Although fewer of them do, and less frequently. Also, though, they're already here. Whatever they've been doing in this place over the centuries, humans have found a way to adapt and thrive anyway. We wouldn't be introducing a new menace into the local environment, or changing the balance."

"That's great," Bree said. "But how will you contact them? They don't show themselves to just anyone. What if you can't find them?"

I'd thought through that part, too. "I'm not going to be the one finding them, Bree," I said quietly. "I already know they wouldn't help me. I don't think they'd even let a vampire see them. I think they'd talk to you, though, if you sought them out. You and Fiona and Inna. You three have fairy blood. I think that would matter to them. I think they'd at least listen to what you have to say."

Bree thought for a moment. The expression on her face was one I recognized... stage fright. She didn't disagree, or think I was an idiot. She was just afraid she wouldn't be able to pull off her own part in it. Somehow, that was comforting - maybe because I knew she really could.

"Okay," Bree finally said. "I'll try. I think Inna and Fiona would be willing to try, too. We should seek them out as soon as we can, I think. We don't know when The Elders are going to be back, and this may take some negotiation. The fair folk may not agree right away. We'll need all the time we can get to talk it over with them." With that, I was in absolutely agreement.

When I presented my idea to the rest of the family, there were the same predictable objections. (And Molly accused me of being a "stereotypical suicidal vampire.") It was easier, though, because Bree was already on my side, so I knew it wasn't absolute insanity. Partial insanity, maybe... but it was insanity without a totally sane option we could have chosen instead. Eventually, we all came to an agreement.

Now, we'll just have to see if it works...



  1. Marie-Grace, I have to say that you're very brave! Your plan is brilliant, dangerous; but brilliant. Fairies are definitely your best ally, I cross my fingers they'll join you against the Elders, someone has to stop them!

    Good luck to Bree, Fiona and Inna in the negotiations!

    PS- Please, be very careful!


  2. Marie-Grace says:

    Thanks, Ava! *hugs back* We're trying to be brave, although I'm really nervous. I'm glad you like my plan. I think it will work. At least, I hope so.

    And we agree, someone has to do something. If we ignored them, it would be the end of Tabitha and Clare, and Cécile and me, and Inna, and probably Bree and Fiona too. We can't let it go that far. We have to stop them. Hopefully the fair folk will want them stopped, too.

    Thanks for the well wishes, and we'll try to be as careful as humanly (and vampire-ly and fairy-ly) possible.


  3. Marie-Grace, it is good to hear from you even if it is a 'bad idea' that I think is pretty good really. If you need me just let me know, and my family is not vampires but they know how to fight them. I do know several vampires in South America that would be willing to stand with you too .. just let us know, they are like us and live off animals rather than humans, but they are the only ones that I know that would be willing to diet on no humans. Our friends in Liberia are full human diet.

    I wonder if the fairies would be good help, at least you have some incentive for them. I did not know that some fairies eat people, that is scary for sure .. we have a fairy circle in our yard, but no humans we know disappeared. lol

    Keep us posted, sounds like you are going to have a fight on your hands. But it would be good to get rid of or at least back off the Elders.

    Take care,

  4. That doesn't sound like such a bad idea! I think you have a good chance with the fairies. You've thought everything through really well and you're being really brave and rational. Good luck!

  5. Marie-Grace says:

    Thanks, Brya, for your offer of help again. We are definitely taking that into consideration. Unfortunately, we don't know exactly when things are going to start happening, and when the time comes it might be very fast... but if we have time to, we'll definitely keep you in the loop. I think your friends could be really helpful, too, as long as they wouldn't be a danger to the humans.

    We're not totally sure if the fair folk will help or not. They're a bit of a wild card, because they're not always very friendly (although that's understandable.) Hopefully their connection to some of our family members will help get them to at least listen.

    I hope your fairy circle continues to be safe for you!

    We want to be out of danger from The Elders, of course... but we want to stop them from hurting other people, too, if we can. So we'll see what happens when we stand up to them.


  6. Marie-Grace says:

    Wendy, I'm glad you think my idea isn't too crazy!

    Unfortunately the fairies aren't always very predictable, so it could be that they'll cause us more trouble than they'll solve. I think it's a risk we have to take, though.

    Thanks for the compliments about my thought process. That makes me feel good!


  7. Bonjour, Marie-Grace!
    Personally, I think your idea sounds wonderful. Lilly is with me right now, and she is squeeing; she used to love fairies when she was little. I think she still likes them...but not as much as unicorns. She wants to know if you have had any unicorn sightings.

  8. Marie-Grace says:

    Thanks, Sabine! It went well, we'll tell you about it soon. ;-)

    Glad we could make Lilly's dreams come true about fairies. We've never seen a unicorn... but at this rate, who knows?