Thursday, February 16, 2012

Unreasonable Demands

Hi, this is Kirsten. :-) The past few days have been pretty normal for our family. We've been going to school, of course, and our various after school activities. We celebrated Valentine's Day with a movie night - comedies, not romances! Josefina and Blakeney had an argument because Josefina was wearing a skirt that was too short. You know... normal girl stuff.

We knew it was inevitable that the mean vampires would be back, though. The past few days have been sunny - not really ideal vampire weather, and unusual for February. Today was more normal, though. We woke to grey skies and heavy freezing rain. In a weird way, it seemed like an omen. As it turns out, it kind of was.

When we stumbled into our kitchen in our PJs for breakfast, Inna was there drinking tea, and she calmly told us that the ship that The Elders use had docked in the harbour during the night. 

All of us had expected they would be back. In a way, it's scary, because they'd love to get rid of us for good. In another way, it's a relief, because we don't need to wait for their next move. They've finally made that move. Now that we (in theory) have the fair folk on our side, things don't seem quite so dangerous. Bree and Inna finished up their negotiation just in time.

We found another note in our mailbox as we were leaving for school. This one wasn't from the fae; it was from the enemy vampires. It had a list of demands that would indicate our 'surrender' and prevent them from attacking us. The first demand was that our family clear out of town. (Guess we were right about the territory grab?) The other demand was that we turn over a list of people, reason unspecified but obvious. These are the people they want to eliminate, and giving them up would mean death for them. The list was: Inna, Clare, Tabitha, Bree, Marie-Grace, and Cécile. (We aren't totally sure why they included Bree; Inna thinks they probably found out about her fairy heritage.)

Obviously, this isn't going to happen. We aren't going to agree to that. We aren't going to negotiate any of our family members dying. And... we think they knew that. We think they gave us a list of terms they knew we couldn't agree to, so in the future when they're squabbling with other vampires, they can use us as any example, saying they attempted to be 'reasonable' with us and we wouldn't compromise.

I think this weekend is when this is going to finish once and for all. Hopefully we'll still be here by the end. As far as we know, the Elders know nothing about the involvement of the fairies. We hope it'll be enough to tip the scales in our favour.


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