Thursday, February 10, 2011

Not Much New News

We haven't updated in a few days, because... well, there hasn't really been much new.

We've been working on getting Bree's room ready for her. She's still not here, though, and we don't have an exact ETA for her. We're hoping maybe within a week or so, but arrangements for her travel are ongoing.

We had another big snowstorm, and school was closed. We all went sledding! :-)

Other than that:

Kaya has been thrilled because there have been a bunch of Buffy reruns on the TV, and she loves that show. Molly has been sketching for some fashion projects she claims she will sew, although she admittedly may lose interest in the meantime. Charissa and Evelyn have been in an ongoing snowball stealth war with the neighbour boys; Team Green is definitely winning! Felicity and Josefina are practicing for a skit they're doing for a class (in French!) next week. Kirsten has been monopolizing the laptop reading other blogs, and has tried some new cooking experiments, around 50% of which have been edible and 25% have actually tasted good.

That's all for now! Hopefully we'll have some more "newsy" news soon. :-)

The Green Girls

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