Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Great Big Snow?

This is Kirsten! :-)

All day at school the other kids were talking about how we were supposed to get a big snowstorm. I thought they were just being optimistic because they wanted classes to be canceled tomorrow, but when I got home they were saying the same thing on the news. 

We went to the store to get extra groceries just in case, and it was packed! We stood in line for a long time, because everyone was worried we won't be able to shop for a couple of days.

Evelyn kept running to the window all evening, looking out for snow, but it didn't come. There's a layer of a few inches on the ground from a few days ago, but none was falling. Finally it was Evelyn's bedtime, and she was really disappointed.

Well, she got her wish, because about an hour ago it finally started falling! She'll be so excited when she wakes up. Everything will be covered with a blanket of snow. It'll be beautiful.

Of course, there are downsides to storms too. If we get stuck inside for too long, we'll get bored. We may also lose power. (Which means no blog - but more importantly, no lights or heat!) Either way, it'll be an adventure!

Kirsten in the Snow

P.S. Josefina says I should explain why I called this post "Great Big Snow." Where we live, a large tidal wave is called a great big sea. So since we're expecting a wave of snow... well, you get the idea! :-)

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