Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, blog friends! :-) This is Bree, filling you in on our holiday.

Today was a hard day to concentrate in school. Everyone was pretty excited about the holiday; too bad Halloween didn't fall on a weekend this year. Oh well. We got home and helped the younger girls get into their costumes. Kirsten made them all pinkie swear to bring back enough candy for all of us.

Fiona, Kiwi, Evelyn, Charissa, Molly, Summer, and Kaya went trick-or-treating. Fiona dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Kiwi dressed as a black cat, and Ev was a pumpkin. Molly made a canvas frame for herself and painted on it, so her costume was a pretty good representation of a Van Gogh painting; her outfit was a ton of work, and she kept it pretty secret till it was done. She got a lot of compliments. Kaya dressed as a turtle, with a paper-mâché shell and a green leotard, and Summer was a purple snail with a matching shell. They all looked great! My sisters are so creative. Maia took them out trick-or-treating in the neighbourhood, and they all had a really good time!

Most of the rest of us stayed and handed out candy, which was fun too. We watched TV while we waited, and talked, and enjoyed the costumes the kids wore. We didn't get a huge number of trick-or-treaters, but we had enough to feel like we were in the spirit of things. They started coming about 5:15 p.m., when it was well on the way to dark, and kept going till 8:30 or so. There were a lot of great outfits, and we gave out lots of candy. (But fortunately, we have some leftovers, too!)

Halloween has been tough on our resident vampires. Kind of ironic, in a way, that a holiday with spooky stuff is difficult for them - I mean, people dress up as vampires for their costumes after all! But having hordes of excited, loud, stranger humans coming to our door wasn't exactly easy on the self-control.  During regular times we don't tend to have many people here that they aren't familiar with, or large groups at once. Tabitha was a mess, and even Clare was struggling. They both stayed in the Roses' basement with Inna and tried to stay calm and peaceful. Clare managed calm and peaceful a lot better than Tabitha did, but no one got eaten - or even almost eaten - which we consider a win.

Our pets didn't have a great time either. Gandalf hid under Kiwi's bed, and April alternated between hiding behind the sofa and barking at the front window. They're glad that people have pretty much stopped knocking. Clare didn't appreciate it when Molly pointed out the similarity between pets and vampires.

For most of us, it was a fun holiday. For the others... well, it was at least okay. Halloween is one of my favourite holidays. I like the pretend spookiness and how excited everyone is. I wouldn't want every day to be Halloween, but it's a fun novelty once a year, and I always enjoy it.

Do you like Halloween? Did you go trick-or-treating? What did you dress as? If you stayed in and handed out candy, did you have many people come to your door?



  1. I love Halloween! It's my favorite holiday. I had a sleepover with my friends. We did a little trick-or-treating, but we don't have many neighbors. My sisters went trick-or-treating in town. Between my sisters and I we got a boatload of candy! Probably enough until Christmas.


  2. Salut, Bree!
    Halloween isn't celebrated in France, but I got to participate in it last year. I dressed up as Miley Cyrus, and I would have loved to do it again because I adore dressing up. I don't know how much I would like Halloween without Ava and Liz, though. They basically made the holiday for me with their antics.

  3. Hi Bree,
    Thanks for sharing all your different Halloween experiences. I can understand why Halloween is hard on the vampires, especially.
    Summer and Autumn

  4. Bree says:

    Hi girls! Sorry for the delayed response. We've been super busy with school stuff and our other activities.

    Emily, I admit I was somewhat thinking of you when I wrote that. I feel like we have a lot of things in common - and based on some of the other stuff I thought a love of Halloween was probably part of it. Glad you had fun and got lots of candy!

    Sabine, I never knew you didn't celebrate Halloween in France. That's interesting. We have some different holidays in Canada from the United States (and our Thanksgiving is in October,) but Halloween is one we share. Your Miley Cyrus costume sounds great!

    Summer and Autumn, you're very welcome! It was definitely hard on Tabitha and Clare, but Clare bounced back quickly and Tabitha is making progress, too. Slowly, but it's progress all the same.