Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vacation Photos

Hey everyone. This is Bree again. There is not much change in our new guest. She's awake, but she's not talking and still pretty angry. We've taken turns sitting with her, but no breakthrough yet. It may take time.

Also, I wanted to share some pictures from our trip! :-)

Those were taken at French Creek, in Pennsylvania. If you want to see the rest of the album, click here.

Here are some from upstate New York:

The rest of the New York album is here.


  1. Salut, Bree!
    It's nice to put faces to the names. You and Summer are very cute! It looks like you girls had a fun time...I enjoyed looking at these photos.

  2. Bree says:

    Thanks, Sabine! :-) We're glad we could finally show some of our family's faces, hopefully with more to follow.

    We had a lot of fun taking these. (Thanks for saying we're cute!)


  3. You girls had so much fun there! I love your photos, especially the ones from the French creek!

    My favorite is the one where you both are sitting on a tree trunk -it's that how is called? lol my english is getting rusty, is great!


  4. Awesome photos!! Hope you can take some pics of your whole family and neighbors too!

  5. So cool to see pictures of you guys! I love your haircut, Bree! And Summer has beautiful curls. I hope things go smoothly with the new vampire. You guys are so tough and kind!


  6. Bree says:

    Hi girls! :-)

    Ava - Thanks, and yes, that's the right name for it.

    Summer - Thanks, and we hope so too. Blakeney says she thinks we can afford a new camera, so it's just a matter of finding time to go buy it. Then we'll be picture taking fools. Instead of just fools. ;-)

    Emily - Thanks! I'm so glad you like my haircut; it was self-given and then Blakeney tried to even it up, but we didn't feel like either of us did a great job. I love having it short, though! I agree that Summer's curls are great.

    Thanks for the "tough and kind" thing, too. It's nice to hear, since we've been feeling a little clueless about what to do for her. We want to help her and keep her safe, but she just doesn't get that, so it's... hard. We'll take tough and kind, for sure. :-)