Thursday, November 24, 2011

An awkward (but still fun) visit

Hi, blog friends. This is Kaya. As I mentioned in a reply to a comment on another post, our new friends came to visit us after tonight's Nutcracker rehearsal. It's easy to have people over after dance because our house is only about two blocks away from the dance school, so we just walked here after practice ended. It's getting dark here by late-afternoon this time of year, but it's still a pretty safe walk, especially at such a short distance.

Cécile and Marie-Grace seemed happy to visit, although they were a little shy. I think they don't get invited to people's houses very often. Unfortunately, as soon as I turned my key in the lock and let them in, Tabitha started freaking out. She's used to the family coming and going, but we weren't sure how she was going to handle a guest.

It was even worse than Halloween. Tabitha's room is in the basement of the Rose house, but we live in row houses so we only have interior walls between us. Cécile and Marie-Grace heard everything... including Tabitha ripping her bed apart and throwing pieces of it at the wall. They obviously weren't quite sure what to do.

I wasn't sure either, honestly. I'm used to Tabitha, but Tabs doesn't usually cross paths with "civilians." Was I supposed to joke about it? Explain? (Which would have to be a lie. I can't tell our guests, "Oh, that's just one of our vampires.") Should I apologize? Pretend it wasn't happening?

I went for a brief vague apology, followed by pretending it wasn't happening. Fiona followed my lead, but she kept glancing anxiously at the wall that separates the two houses, as if she was afraid Tabitha was going to burst through at any second. I was... not unconcerned about that possibility, too. Clare was out hunting, so at least we didn't have two of them to worry about. Since Clare is more used to being a vampire, she's in better control and has more options for that kind of stuff; we can't let Tabitha hunt alone in the city, but Clare can control herself well enough to stick to rats instead of humans.

Weirdness aside, we actually had a fun time. Cécile and Marie-Grace said they'd already eaten, and apparently they have a bunch of food allergies, so they didn't want anything to eat, but we all had some herbal tea. We talked about dance, and the places we've visited, and what their lives were like in New Orleans. They didn't say anything about their family, though, so I'm not really sure who they live with. When it was time for them to go, they walked home, so I'm not even positive where they live... although they did mention what street, and it's not far from here.

By the time we had finished our tea, some of my other sisters had joined us, and we played Scrabble and listened to music. (Cécile won the game.) Marie-Grace taught us some old-fashioned ballroom dance steps she had learned back in New Orleans. Not all of my sisters are very wonderful dancers - I thought Kirsten was going to sprain something - but we had a good laugh and it was a lot of fun.

Finally it got late for a school night, and Marie-Grace and Cécile had to say goodnight. (Canadian Thanksgiving is in October, so tomorrow is just a regular school Thursday for us.) It was a fun time, in spite of the weirdness with Tabitha.

Speaking of Tabitha, she totally destroyed her room - especially her bed, which is now in small pieces. At this point, she's being nonverbal again, although she stopped being aggressive once the girls left. Inna says Tabitha will snap out of it; actually Inna thinks Tabitha is over whatever happened, and is just being silent because she's too embarrassed to talk about it. I hope she doesn't feel too bad. I like it better when Tabitha is happy, and it's not her fault she's still struggling with being a vampire.

The weather probably didn't help. We're supposed to get a big snowstorm tomorrow. (I wonder if we'll get a little "holiday" from school after all?) Can vampires sense the weather like wild animals can? It's not a very flattering comparison, but I should ask Clare anyway. It would be interesting to know.

Oh! I also got another letter from my penpal in Nunvavut today. I found out she's a foster kid like I was; I wonder if they matched us up on purpose because of that. She told me more about her school and her activities, and it turns out she likes dance also. She also likes animals. I'm going to write her back about Nutcracker.

Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers who celebrate it, and Happy Thursday to the rest! :-)


P.S. We've decided to use our little cartoons of ourselves in posts we write so it's easier for our readers to remember which one of us is talking. Hopefully it won't be confusing! Group posts won't have a picture, but individual posts will.

P.P.S. Happy Birthday, Inky! :-)


  1. Salut, Kaya!
    I think you handled the situation well. Honestly? I'm not sure what I would have done. I think that once you get to know Cécile and Marie-Grace better, you can eventually tell them the truth. Like I said, I think you did the right thing given the circumstances. I'm curious about Cécile and Marie-Grace. I wonder why they are so secretive...
    Lilly likes them already because of their food allergies. That's typical Lilly for you. She has many food allergies, and on top of that, she's a picky eater.

  2. Kaya says:

    Hi, Sabine. I'm glad you approve of what I did. I've never really been in that position before. I hope that in time, we'll all be good enough friends that we can tell them the truth... but on their first visit seemed a little soon.

    It's kind of different face to face, where the person can laugh at you, accuse you of lying - or worse, try to go into the basement to see for themselves - whereas with the blog, people can just take us or leave us if they don't believe us.

    This is hard to explain, but I didn't really get the feeling Cécile and Marie-Grace were being secretive on purpose. More like... they aren't used to meeting new people, and they aren't sure what they're supposed to say. They seemed more worried about boring us with useless information than they did about spilling any beans or anything.

    I think if I outright asked them about their family situation or their address, they would have told me. (Actually, I found out their address today, and they didn't seem to mind.) I just didn't want to seem pushy, know what I mean? I'm sure as we get to know them better, we'll find out.

    I think Lilly would like them. They're a lot of fun, not just because they're allergic to food. ;-)


  3. We think you did just fine with your friends, we really agree that the first visit is not the time to tell about vampires and shape shifters, they probably would not know what to think.

    But it sounds like you had tons of fun after the first upset with Tabitha. Hope she comes out of her silence and gets to feeling better about herself and works at getting used to the issues with being a vampire living in a normal life. Or at least as normal as they can.

    It will be good for you to be the girls friends they seem to really need you all. It will be good for them to reach out and have friends to spend time with too.

    Well we have several of your posts to catch up on so we will shut down our fingers and go read some more ..


  4. Kaya says:

    Thanks, Taryn! I'm glad you approved of how I handled it.

    Yeah, we did have a lot of fun. :-)

    Tabitha is better now, but she's still out of sorts. She's talking some, but not about what happened. It was a setback, but she's still making progress.

    I'm glad we made these new friends! It's definitely good for both sides.