Monday, November 28, 2011

All Better Now

Good news, everyone - Kiwi went in for her surgery today, and now she's home! :-)

Kiwi is doing well. She says she isn't too sore, and she can breathe a lot better with the bone in her nose fixed. She's still really groggy, though, and that's why I (Summer) am reporting on her progress instead of her. Kiwi has some pain pills to take, and she's supposed to take it easy for the next few days, but she's going to be fine.

We're all really relieved. There wasn't any real danger to Kiwi from the surgery, but medical procedures are always a little nerve-wracking. We're glad she's home and feeling better.

Tabitha seems better, too, now that she's sure Kiwi will really be okay. She still isn't talking about what happened when Cécile and Marie-Grace came over, but she's otherwise pretty normal again, and working hard on staying in control of herself. Tabitha watched The Dark Crystal with Kiwi this evening; I think it was good for the two of them to spend time together, so Tabs can see that all is truly forgiven.

Kaya and Fiona have been rehearsing hard for the Nutcracker. Cécile and Marie-Grace haven't been over again because they're all spending so much time at the dance school these days, but Kaya and Fi see them at practices, and have carried our hellos and good wishes back and forth. Once Nutcracker is over, we're going to spend more time with them.

So yeah, the main news is Kiwi. (No new developments, either good or bad, on the recent vampire issues.) Kiwi is feeling pretty cheerful, and wants me to tell you that she got to keep her hospital gown and hospital ID bracelet, because she's really excited about that for some reason. (She tells me that the reason is "Because it's cool!" Well, okay then.) I think she's looking forward to life being back to normal again. Kiwi doesn't like being laid up with an injury, she likes being active. She should be good as new in a few days, though.

Kiwi says thanks for all the concern and well-wishes, and she very is glad to be able to give her friends good news! :-)



  1. Hi Summer!
    I'm so glad Kiwi is feeling better. I was worried about her. Keep us updated!

  2. Kiwi says:

    Thanks, Makennah! I'm a lot feeling better, so I'm posting on my own now. :-)

    Thanks for being concerned about me! I'm doing well now.