Sunday, November 27, 2011

Inna the Vampire Slayer

Hi, this is Clare, with more Crazy Vampire News.

As you may recall, ever since I've been here, I've had other vampires after me. That's why I came here, actually. I was running from them. I changed my name so it would be harder for them to find me; on the way here I passed a place called St. Clare's Hospital, so I decided to be Clare. They still found me... but I like my new name. I think it suits me.

There were four vampires in their hunting group. They're the ones who kidnapped me off the streets of Denver and turned me into a vampire too. They planned to keep me, and make me a part of their group. Like their trainee, or their little sister. I didn't want to be there, though, because they kill people, so I ran away. They weren't okay with that. They thought I belonged to them. They were afraid I would expose them to the humans because I'd gone rogue. Plus I think they just saw me as their property, with no right to get away. They were going to punish me for not doing what they wanted and not being a killer like them.

I ran from them for a long time... I guess I was always headed to Nova Scotia, without realizing it, because that's where I lived with my grandmother, and I was happy there. Well, they found me in Nova Scotia, so I stowed away on the ferry and went north again. That's how I ended up here. That's how I finally found a home.

Since then, the vampires have been skulking around from time to time. They would occasionally strike - like when they cornered me at the park, or when they kidnapped Kiwi - and then when they didn't win, they'd disappear again. We know they're monsters, but they're monsters who are good at hiding. You can't call the police about problem vampires, because the vampires would just eat the police. We knew we had to find some way of getting rid of them once and for all, before they killed more people. None of us knew where to look, though.

Tonight, they made a move. One of them was sniffing around the house, scouting us out, and he bumped into Inna. Who is not afraid of vampires. And who is capable of being really scary. I'm glad I'm on her side, not the other side. Inna didn't tell us all the details of how she defeated the vampire guy, but I know it involved a wooden stake and firing up the gas barbecue - so I can guess the rest. I'm glad that isn't how I ended up - and I definitely would have if my new family hadn't protected me!

Inna was able to follow the guy's trail back to where the other vampires were hiding. They had built a kind of nest in an unused downtown building, and had killed at least one homeless person to feed on. I'm glad I didn't see that. It would have been sad, and... I might not have acted human around the blood. I don't like that thought.

When Inna went further into their little makeshift lair, she found the other three vampires already dead. From the look of the scene - which wasn't much, since going with traditional lore they were burned - she said it looked like they'd been killed by other vampires.

I'm not sure whether I feel safer, or less safe. The ones who wanted me dead are gone now, but I don't think I can really say I'm safer without knowing why they were killed. 

Grudge? That probably wouldn't involve me. I haven't crossed paths with any other vampires besides the ones who turned me, plus Tabitha, so I don't see how I could have made anyone mad. 

Turf war? Depends. I'm not interested in being territorial, but if someone else wants this to be their territory without other vampires, Tabitha and I are probably also on the hit list. 

Or... something else? And if something else, then what? Why would vampires want to kill other vampires? Would whoever did it want to kill me and Tabitha, too?

Could it be that the vampires who got rid of the dangerous ones were trying to protect the humans? So maybe they're good vampires. Maybe there are nice and heroic vampires who go around making sure bad vampires don't hurt people? Inna didn't think this was too likely, but it would be a happy and optimistic possibility. She said most vampires are more about the self-preservation or at best protecting close family and allies... and in some cases protecting the secrets of vampirism... than about altruism to strangers. Too bad my wishful thinking vampire superhero theory is probably not true.

Maybe I don't want it to be true, anyway. I've done bad things. Tabitha has done bad things. Not that we had much choice, but it happened. Do we count as bad vampires because of that? If someone is "cleaning house" so to speak, are we in danger too?

In a way, it's a relief not to be scared of the vampires that made me into one anymore. I still have nightmares about when they kidnapped me and turned me. I'm glad they won't take anyone else's mortal life like that. Now I may have more things to be scared of, though. I'm glad I have my family to protect me and reassure me that it'll all be okay. No matter how things turn out with this, letting them adopt me was the smartest thing I ever did.



  1. Inna is really brave! Try to stay safe... that all sounds really scary and I'm glad I don't have to deal with it...

  2. I hope there are some nice vampires that could help protect your family. Of course, you guys are all so brave I know you could fight back.


  3. Clare says:

    Hi Lucy!

    Yep, Inna is definitely brave! It's good that we have her on our team.

    Thanks for the well-wishes. It is pretty scary, but I'm doing my best to stay safe.


  4. Clare says:

    Hi Emily!

    Yeah, it would be nice.

    We have plenty to worry about already - including the vampire hunters, who got kicked out of the country, but aren't going to just leave me alone forever because they're my relatives, who think it's their "responsibility" to "destroy" me. Ugh!

    Thanks for saying we're brave. :-)

    We'll definitely fight back, and not take it lying down if any of us get attacked.


  5. It is wonderful that Inna was on top of things and saw that dude snooping around. I wonder who in the world killed all those other vampires, we are hoping they are not after you guys too. But it would sure not surprise us if they are going to be.

    It is such a pain, I am glad being 1/2 vampire I am not on their radar as much as you guys seem to be. We have not heard anything from the ones who came by before, I have never heard of any wanting me dead just because I am a 1/2 vampire, they were going to make me come with them till they found out. Scary!!

    We will answer your questions in a couple days, we are trying to catch up on all the blogs and comment before we post. lol


  6. Clare says:

    Hi Brya!

    I'm glad you're a little safer than we are. That's a good thing about being half-vampire, I guess... you don't have to deal with the crazies as much. ;-)

    I'm also glad the vampires that came to your place didn't hurt you or take you away. You belong with your family, like I belong with mine.

    No hurry on the questions, but we're curious. :-)


  7. Salut!
    I would call Inna a hero. :) She is definitely very brave...and sweet. I'm happy that she puts her family first. I wish more people (errr people is code for my sister) were like that.

  8. Clare says:

    Hi, Sabine!

    I would call Inna a hero, too - but Inna doesn't think very well of herself. She sometimes makes little snide jokes about how much of a jerk she is... except she totally isn't. Ever. I don't know where that comes from.

    She is brave and sweet, even if she doesn't realize it. :-)

    I know life with your sister must be a real struggle. I keep hoping that one day she'll see the light... but I know when someone has a really deep problem like that, it's not so easy.