Thursday, March 1, 2012

Another Mysterious Present

Hi, this is Tabitha. This is my first time ever writing for the blog, although I've been written about by the other girls. I didn't mind them talking about me, but the truth is, I was a little embarrassed to write about myself. When I got here, I was a newly-turned vampire, and I was so out-of-control I couldn't really even express myself. Things got better, but I kind of stopped worrying about it, and then... I hurt Kiwi. I didn't mean to, and she forgave me right away. Everyone forgave me. I couldn't forgive myself. I never want to feel that way again - like I wasn't even myself, I was just this force out of my own control. It still happens in my bad dreams, but I've been working really hard not to let it happen again for real.

That was another reason I haven't blogged. I was afraid of what the readers would think of me. Crazy Tabitha, who caused all the problems with The Elders because they found out about what happened with Kiwi and set their sights on us. Tabitha the animal who almost killed her sister. I didn't see why anyone would want to hear what I had to say.

Since then, my sisters have been doing their best to convince me. They've been encouraging me - and occasionally bugging me - about how I should actually write an entry. I always gave the excuse that I had nothing to say. Today, I have actual news of my very own, so that excuse isn't going to work anymore. I guess I'll give this blogging thing a try. Hopefully no one minds hearing from Crazy Tabitha.

So here goes:

Today, I got a package of my own in the mail. I would have been panicked about this, because ideally most humans (especially vampire hunters) shouldn't know where I am. I was a little bit prepared, though, because Marie-Grace had gotten a package in the mail recently too, and this was very similar to hers. No return address, wrapped in plain brown paper, New Orleans postmark. I figured this had to be from the same mysterious sender who had sent Marie-Grace the necklace that protects her from the sun.

So when I opened my package, I wasn't scared, I was excited. Would there be something that would let me feel the sun on my face again without burning up, too? I miss it so much, and I've never really gotten used to having to hide from the daylight. I could barely bring myself to open it, because I was afraid I would be disappointed if it wasn't what I was wishing for. With trembling fingers, I broke through the tape, unwrapped the paper, and opened the plain brown box.

Inside was a strand of red coral beads. It wasn't just any necklace, though - it had belonged to my grandmother, and her own mother gave it to her originally. Sometimes she let me wear it for very special occasions when I was a little girl. I lifted it out, and put it around my neck.

As I fastened the familiar clasp, I realized something very important about these gifts. They aren't just random necklaces. They already have a tie to each of us. Marie-Grace's necklace is one she lost a long time ago in New Orleans, and mine is one that has been in my family. That means they must have been specifically sent for the recipient. I'm glad we realized this before someone tried to go outside in daylight wearing a necklace that was sent to a different sister! I hope our "friend" sends ones for Clare and Cécile someday, too.

For the first time in months, I stepped outside during the daylight. I stood on the deck, not caring that it was cold and I wasn't wearing a coat, and let the winter sun shine on my face. I closed my eyes, and I could still feel the rays on my skin and see a halo of light through my eyelids. For fourteen years, I took this for granted. I doubt I'll ever take it for granted again.



  1. Wow Tabitha! I'm glad you got a cool gift too! It's nice to hear you blogging. I was wondering how you were.

    Love, Reese <3

  2. Tabitha says:

    Hi, Reese! I'm doing well, thanks. I'm happy here. It's peaceful, and people are nice to me. It's way better than being on my own.

    I'm really happy about my gift. I'm not the most deserving vampire here... probably the least deserving. I'm not sure how I got chosen to be next. (Maybe because whoever sent them happened to have a necklace of mine on hand, and not the other two?) I'm grateful, though. I smile whenever I think of how I went out in the afternoon sun.


  3. Salut, Tabitha!
    If it helps, I don't think you're crazy at all. I understand (as much as I can) what you were going through.
    It was nice that you received a great present, though. That must have been awesome to get.
    PS- Definitely post more; it's nice to hear from you. :)

  4. Hello Tabitha,
    I'm glad that you got something special. Don't think that you are not deserving of a gift. Someone feels you certainly are special and MOST deserving of that gift. I'm glad you got to get out and cherish something we all take for granted. Now you can 'pay it forward' and do something nice for Kiwi. She did the best thing to you and that was to forgive! Take care and enjoy the sunshine!

  5. Tabitha says:

    Hello, Sabine! Thanks for saying that. It means a lot that you can understand. It makes me feel more confident about sharing my voice that people get it, even if they haven't experienced the same things.

    I was so excited about the gift! I still am.

    I think I will post again in the future. It wasn't as scary as I thought.


  6. Tabitha says:

    Hi, Nemom! Thanks for your kind words. That makes me feel really good.

    I like your idea of "paying it forward." When I was first trying to make it up to Kiwi, I baked her cookies (which I can't eat since I'm a vampire,) and she really liked it. Maybe I'll go make cookies for my sisters so they'll see how much I appreciate them.


  7. This is really awesome to have these gifts and allowing you out in the sun, we are excited for you girls, but sure wonder who they are from and why they were sent. Be careful.

    I am so glad that you are posting it is good to hear from you too. Keep posting and talking to us.


  8. Tabitha says:

    Hi, Brya. I'm glad to hear from you on this, since you're half-vampire.

    We've been very careful with the necklaces in case it was a trap, but they've been working great. I think whoever sent them really wants to be our friend and was trying to help.

    Thanks for the encouragement to post. It was fun and I think I'll do it again in the future.