Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Unintended Consequences

Hi, this is Clare. :-)

Well, it's been a couple of weeks since we defeated the mean vampires called The Elders. For our family, this means a chance to breathe more easily. They've had it in for us for awhile - even longer than we realized, because they've been after Inna - and now that they're out of the way, we don't have to worry about getting attacked by them anymore. It's a pretty big relief.

Unfortunately, though, it has also had some unintended consequences that aren't quite so great.

One thing I've been learning in my history lessons is that there's always a balance of power. Humans, vampires, even animals in the wild... doesn't matter. Whenever you have a system or an ecosystem, there's a balance, and if something upsets the balance things are going to change.

The Elders were bullies. They weren't popular; most other vampires didn't like them, because they were so clearly all about their own gain. They were, however, quite powerful, because they were ancient and well-established (thus their chosen name,) and they had a lot of groups who would otherwise be chaotic instead intimidated into obedience with their goals.

There's a reason that in most vampire stories, there's a "masquerade" - vampires having to hide their true natures from humans. If humanity as a whole knew about vampires, we would be in danger... and humans would be in danger when they sought us out. It's better for everyone if things like vampires are kept a secret from most of the mortal population.

The Elders may have been jerks, but they took that to heart. They didn't have any particular sympathy for humans - as far as I know, they used humans as a food source - but they recognized that it was in their own best interests if humans didn't know about us. It would keep the Elders safer, and it would keep their potential prey unawares.

They worked hard to maintain that secrecy - which often meant forcing other vampires to tone down their behaviour, particularly those who acted more animalistic. Sometimes they bullied other vampires for territory, or just to increase their own reputation by defeating an enemy. Sometimes, though, they bullied other vampires for actually being a threat.

In the vampire ecosystem, the Elders were sometimes useful. They were very bad vampires, but they helped keep the other very bad vampires in check.

Now they're gone, and we've been hearing rumours of more trouble. So far nothing catastrophic has happened, but we've gotten word that some vampires who were kept reasonably under control by the Elders are now starting to decide the new order of things means no order at all.

Obviously, this is at least in part our problem. We can't just break things - even if ultimately the breaking made the world better - and not worry about the consequences.

That isn't to say we feel guilty about winning the fight. The Elders pretty much forced a confrontation, and we were defending ourselves. They were blatant murderers of humans and other vampires, and would have continued to be. We did what we needed to, to save our own lives and a lot of other ones.

Things have to change... but I believe it can be a lot better.

I thought when we fought the Elders, one way or the other it would be over. As it turns out, the real work is just beginning.


One other piece of news, also possibly unintended consequences:

The morning after Gia was bitten by a big dog, we tried to phone and make sure she was okay, but there was no answer. We went to her apartment complex and knocked on her door before school, and got no reply. We started to get worried - but of course, Gia is a teacher, so we thought maybe she'd already left for school herself.

At lunch time, Inna got a phone call from Maia, and when we all got home, they broke the news.

Gia had left a message on the school principal's voicemail during the night that she was going back to Italy because of an "emergency" and didn't know when she would return. She didn't tell anyone else or say goodbye.

We're honestly pretty worried. This seems very sudden. I don't think it was our fault that she got bitten by the dog, so I don't see why she would be mad at us - but even if she was, it seems like it would be a pretty big overreaction to stop going to work and leave town.

I wonder why she left so abruptly. Did something else happen? Was the timing just a coincidence? Or did it have to do with the bite she got? I wonder if she's coming back. Poor Gia! I hope she's okay...



  1. Hi Clare! I see what you mean about The Elders. It's a good and bad thing that they're gone. I wonder what happened to Gia! I hope she is okay! I agree that it seems abrupt! I hope that you figure out what's going on!

    Love, Reese <3

  2. Clare says:

    Hi, Reese. :-)

    Yeah, it's definitely a mixed bag. Overall, though, I'm glad The Elders are gone... especially since they decided that me and Tabitha are "bad vampires" and wanted to destroy us. It's nice not to have to worry about that anymore. I want to move on with my life, not keep dwelling on the bad stuff that happened when I was first turned.

    We haven't heard from Gia, and we don't know how to contact her in Italy. We don't want to bug her, but we really want to make sure she's alright. All of us are worried!


  3. Clare,
    I'm glad your enemies are gone. Does this mean that some other group of vampires will come to power and be in charge of all the vampires? Do you or could you as a group of vampires elect some official vampire before some other nefarious vampire would put himself in charge? I hope for your sake, you could find some peace.
    About Gia, do you think she saw something that truly frightened her? Has there been any other sightings around your neighborhood? Do you live near any wooded area? Maybe it was a wolf from a pack of stray wolves. Usually if you see one, there may be more. I wouldn't leave your dog or cats if you have any outside alone, just in case. I don't want to frighten you, but an ounce of safety is worth a pound of cure!

  4. Clare says:

    Hi Samantha (and nemom.) :-)

    Will someone be in charge of all the vampires? Probably not. The Elders weren't really truly in charge of them, they just tried to be. A lot of vampires didn't really recognize their authority in the first place and just ignored them.

    It would be like if I went around saying I was the police and beating people up - the people I beat up would be afraid of me and might do what I said, but I wouldn't really be the police, know what I mean? ;-)

    The Elders were more the equivalent of a schoolyard bully than the equivalent of a government.

    Will someone else try to be in charge of all the vampires? Yes, probably. The Elders being gone has left an opportunity for power, and power is something a lot of vampires want.

    I'm not sure whether that would be a good or bad thing, though. It would really depend on who it was who took over. We don't really want to be in charge ourselves, but we want to help make sure it's good people who get the power now.

    I think that your idea of having an elected vampire government or official is the best thing that could happen. The problem is... well... vampires. It's not easy to get us to work together. We wouldn't be the easiest group to get to hold a peaceful election. It is a wise idea - just one we're not sure how to make happen. We've been talking about it, and it seems like it's worth a try.

    We're still not sure why Gia left, or what exactly happened in the first place.

    Actually, the weird thing is, we live in the city. We live downtown in the capital of our province. There are real woods about a half hour's drive away, and there are city parks with areas of trees, but it's strange that if there's a wild dog or a wolf, no one else would have seen it roaming around.

    As far as we know, no one else has had a problem. Nothing has been on the local news.

    We don't leave our dog outside alone anyway, and our cat is an indoor cat, so fortunately we don't have to worry about our animals. I worry more about the younger girls walking to school, but Inna says she's going to take them in the car until we're sure there's no danger from that dog.