Friday, March 23, 2012

Versatility, An Important Quality

Hi everyone! We've been tagged for the Versatile Blogger award by some of our blog friends - Wendy and Emily! (And possibly someone else Blakeney is drawing a blank on.) Thanks very much for thinking of us, ladies! In response, our job is to tell seven random facts about ourselves. Some of you will already know some of this, but hopefully you'll all learn something new about us.

1.) Kiwi is learning to speak Mandarin. She was adopted from China, and wants to learn what would probably have been her original language. She says it's tough but fun, and she's glad she's doing this while she's still young.

2.) Kaya is lactose intolerant. She can't drink milk, but she can eat ice cream if she takes a pill.

3.) "Green" and "Rose" aren't really any of our last names. We use it as an internet pseudonym to protect our online privacy. We don't all have the same last name. Between us we have fourteen surnames. (Kaya and Josefina have two each.)

4.) Bree is a better driver than Kirsten, but Kirsten will deny that to her dying day.

5.) Evelyn is getting ready for her first horse show, which will be in June. She's showing in the walk/trot and walk/trot/canter events.

6.) In the summer we're going to be taking a trip to Italy, Hungary, and Croatia.

7.) We sing around the house all the time, and speak to each other in song lyrics on a daily (more like hourly...) basis. 

So yeah, now you know us a little better, and it's our turn to nominate people to go next. A lot of our friends have already been tagged, so we'll do our best to pick new people.

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We tag:

The Triplets

Thanks for reading! :-)

The Greens and the Roses


  1. Good luck in your first horse show, Evelyn! That is so cool that you guys get to go to Italy. I'm part Italian and would love to go there.


    1. Evelyn says:

      Thanks! I'm excited but nervous. Lucky for me, I have a few more months to get ready. Summer does horse shows a lot, but I've never done it before. I hope the stubborn pony behaves himself!

      We're really looking forward to our Europe trip. I hope you get to see Italy someday too, Mac!


    2. Wow! Going to Europe sounds amazing! We have horses here, too and Mia has done shows. I love horses since I love animals, haha. You guys have exciting lives!

      ~ Kiki

    3. Bree says:

      Europe should be a lot of fun! :-)

      We do have exciting lives... sometimes too exciting! ;-)