Sunday, January 23, 2011

So what's the deal with you people, anyway?

Now that you know how we got our name, we'd like to tell you a little about our family.

There used to be just four of us. Kirsten came first, then Felicity, Molly, and Charissa. Along the way, we moved to a new home, found out some family secrets, and even found a half-sister we didn't know we had lost! (The details of this are probably another post for another day.) It turned out this lost sister, Josefina, needed a place to live, so she came to live with us!

We were afraid it was going to be weird going from four to five, because we'd all been together our whole lives and Josefina was new. (And by no means a new baby!) It wasn't weird, though. It was actually so much fun that we decided we wanted our family to get even bigger.

Pretty soon, we decided to become a foster family, so we could have more kids living with us. Evelyn was the first who came, and now she's adopted into our family. Then came Kaya. Kaya is American Indian so the rules for custody were different, but now our family are her guardians. It's a different word, but it means the same thing... we're all sisters now!

Do we have a big enough family? We don't think so. But families can't grow all at once. As time goes by, we'll have more people living here that we can love. (Actually, we may have a "surprise" soon; we'll keep you posted!) For now, we're having fun day-to-day. Sometimes things get pretty chaotic here, and sometimes we fight, but at the end of the day, we're sisters... and we couldn't be closer.

Felicity (see, Kirsten isn't the only one who can use the blog!) and Sisters


  1. Hi Felicity! I think it's cool you're fostering other girls into your family. My mom says me and Zelda are more than enough kids for her :(

  2. Hi, Stella!

    Wow, somebody read our blog! We didn't know if anyone would. (Kirsten claims she expected it but I think she's lying.) Sorry it took me so long to reply. I didn't check back.

    I guess every family has a size limit. I'm not sure how many we're going to have, but Blakeney (she's our guardian) says at some point, there's going to have to be an end. We're a family, after all, not a school.

    It's good you have Zelda, though. Sisters are fun. Usually. Most of the time. Sometimes. Anyway, it's cool that you're twins! We don't have any twins in our family.

    Thanks for commenting!


    P.S. We're following your blog now. :-)

  3. Hi Lissie-is it okay if I call you that?:0)
    I think it's cool you're all managing to share the blog without fighting (I assume ;)) It's not very nice being a twin sometimes. I remember we always had to share EVERYTHING. I also think you're lucky to have so many sisters! I used to be so lonely with just Zelda and Mom around. Hey, I just though of something..want to be penpals?
    Well, so long for now!

  4. Sure, you can call me Lissie.

    We kind of do fight about the blog sometimes. Nothing too serious, but we do have disagreements. We have disagreements without the blog, too, so it's not that much different. ;-)

    Even when we argue, we usually make up pretty fast.

    Being penpals would be fun!


  5. That is kewl you are getting more sisters .. we usually end up with at least one sister a year .. Mama and us watches for special adoptions .. we have 11 of us now .. 10 girls and one brother ..

    Come by and visit our blog .. we just found yours tonight .. we love new friends ..


  6. Cool! Your blog looks really neat. (Turtles are so cute!) We love new friends too.

    The time between adding members to our family has varied between six months and a couple of years. Kaya came in August... hmm... ;-)

    We don't have any brothers right now. Maybe someday? So far, our family has been fostering girls. I think it would be kind of fun to have a little brother in the house, as long as he wasn't annoying or icky.