Friday, January 28, 2011

A weird thing happened today (Or maybe my sisters are just weird! Kidding!)

Molly here:

A weird thing happened today. Kirsten and Kaya were arguing (that's not the weird part!) because Kirsten thought Kaya had eaten the last of the ice cream. I know Kaya totally didn't, though, because she's lactose intolerant. (I also know because I was actually the one who ate it! Don't tell Kirsten!) Kirsten is kind of... um... extremely loud when she gets mad. Kaya doesn't yell as much, but she holds her own. So the two of them were getting into it. Typical day at our house.

The weird part is that after their fight, we couldn't find Charissa. She hates when they argue, so we figured she just went into the bedroom or outside. We looked everywhere for her, though, and we couldn't find her. She wasn't in the house or in the yard. We searched for a long time, but then we found her just sitting in the living room.

When we asked where she had been, she said she'd been sitting there the whole time.

I mean obviously that isn't true. Sorry, Charissa, but it isn't. We would have seen you. Where did you go?

You're probably going to say this wasn't really weird. That she was just hiding. Our apartment isn't that big, though, and we looked everywhere. She must have left, even though she isn't allowed to go by herself without telling anyone because she's only ten.

You know what, though? There was freezing rain all afternoon. Her hair wasn't wet, and her coat was dry in the closet.

So where did she go, and why wouldn't she tell us?

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