Friday, June 24, 2011

Following the Trail

Hey, this is Bree.

No Clare yet, and no sign of her. We've been searching around town, asking about her when we could do so discreetly, and looking up missing persons reports to try to find out where she came from. We haven't found her, and we still have no idea about her origins.

One thing we did figure out makes things harder. We're pretty sure that "Clare" isn't her real name. At first we assumed it was, and we also think she hasn't been a vampire very long because it still seemed like she felt weird about it - so we should have found a record of her disappearing from human life. We didn't, though, and we were confused.

We were discussing this absence of information, and suddenly Kirsten got a weird look on her face. "Bree, which landmark do you remember from when you first came to our house?"

I exhaled a kind of sigh. I didn't want to say it, but I knew what she meant. "St. Clare's Hospital."

"You think she made it up because she didn't want to tell us her real name?"

"Yeah," I admitted. "I do."

We still have an approximate age (we think she's between 14 and 16) and a description. Not knowing where she's from, her surname, or probably even her real first name... this will still be tough.

There was one positive development, though. I took Ev, Charissa, and Fiona to the park for awhile this evening. When we got back, there was a small parcel on our front step, wrapped in a grocery store bag. It had "Bree" written on the bag in black marker. Inside, I found my book, Wicked, the one Clare kept when she left.

There was a note:

Dear Bree,
Sorry I took this without asking. 
Bet you thought you'd never get it back. 
It was good and I wanted to find out what happened.
Not exactly a happy ending, huh?
Such is life.
Thanks for everything you girls did for me.
Sorry I had to leave, but it was too dangerous for you with me there.
You won't see me again but I won't forget any of you.

Downer letter, huh? 

Well, except for one thing. It didn't come in the mail.

If Clare left a book on our steps today, it means she's still in town. That means we still have a chance to find her. Maybe it's not too late. We certainly haven't given up! As long as there's a chance she's still alive, we aren't going to.



  1. Bonsoir!
    I have to laugh at my silly mistake; I misread the title and assumed that you guys were following the Casey Anthony trial, too. I am very into it for the psychology and just the psychology.
    Anyway...ignoring that...
    This is getting very mysterious. She said "such is life"...I want to know so badly what is going on in her life. I want to know from whom she's running. I do think that Clare is most likely not her real name.
    I have hope that she'll return.

  2. Sorry for the confusion, Sabine! The Casey Anthony trial has not been covered nearly as much by our media as in the United States, so none of us caught that potential misunderstanding. Otherwise we would have picked a different title for the post.

    But yep, it's "trail" on purpose, not "trial." :-)

    You're right, it is mysterious. I kind of get the feeling things haven't been good for her in the past... although that's probably kind of obvious given her current situation. Hopefully we'll find her soon. Otherwise we'll probably never know.

    Our main concern right now is her safety, though. We HAVE to find her before these other people do! Whoever they are...


  3. It sounds like she's more concerned for your safety then hers! That makes me worry about who or what is following/after her!

  4. Yeah, Aurora. I agree on both counts; it does sound like that, and it's very worrisome. Sounds like someone has really scared her, and Clare doesn't seem like a person who gets scared for no reason.

    It also worries me that she sounds like she's given up on any chance of getting out of this herself. At least she's still trying to survive, though, and we haven't given up on her.