Saturday, June 11, 2011

School is out and summer beckons!

School is out for the summer for all nine Greens! The elementary school girls finished on Wednesday, and the rest of us were finally done yesterday/Friday. All exams, all papers, all homework... all done! It's very exciting.

Today we were supposed to have a picnic with our neighbours. (We should give them a pseudonym surname so we don't have to keep saying that. Maybe another colour to match The Greens!) The plan was to go to a park about six blocks from our house and eat sandwiches and salad and chips. There's a playground and a place to throw a frisbee, and our dog can run around. Unfortunately, it is raining! Maybe it'll clear up by supper time. We can hope. I don't think we're going to cancel either way, but we may have to eat inside at home. Better than nothing, though!

Now that school is done for the term, we should have more time to blog! Yay!

How about our readers - is your school done for the summer? What are you doing to celebrate?

Kaya and the Other Greens


  1. Our last day was last Friday, but the human was away on vacation, so I didn't have internet access for awhile.
    Anyway, my last day wasm't too exciting. Just movies and people taking pictures to remember the last day of 8th grade. Yay! :)
    On an extremely positive note, I'll be going to the AG store in DC in a few weeks.

  2. Congrats on school ending, and have fun in DC! How exciting!

    The Greens