Thursday, June 23, 2011

She's Gone

She's gone. Clare left.

After Inna's ultimatum, we talked to Blakeney, like we knew we were eventually going to have to anyway. Blakeney was very quiet while we explained the situation. When we told her that we weren't joking and there was a girl in our shed for real, she just raised an eyebrow. We said we'd show her, and at that point she seemed to take us more seriously. Then... the hard part. We told her Clare was a vampire. She just replied, "Huh." Like a statement, not a question. She was surprised - but not as surprised or disbelieving as we expected.

Then she said she wanted to meet Clare. We went out to the shed. Clare looked at us like we'd betrayed her. Blakeney said that our family would keep her safe, and asked her to come stay in the house with us while we figured stuff out. Clare said, "Alright." She said she would get her stuff together and then meet us.

She never came.

When we went to check on her, all her stuff was gone. (Except for most of the books we lent her. The only one she took was Wicked, because she was halfway through. I guess she wanted to know the ending. She left the rest behind. It was so sad to see the little stack of books in an empty shed.) Blakeney said more profanity than we've ever heard her use. Then she added more coherently, "Don't worry. We'll find her." We were skeptical. Blakeney added, "We found Bree, and she was on the other side of the continent. Clare is presumably still in our city. How hard can it be?"

Apparently, so far pretty hard. We still don't know where she is, or if she's still in town. She's probably long gone by now, still running. We screwed up. We feel like if she gets hurt or dies, it'll be our fault. We still don't even know who she's running from.

Clare, if you're somehow reading this, please just come back!

Kirsten and Sisters


  1. Hi Green Girls! It sounds like Inna is a good friend. I really hope you fine Clare - maybe she's staying in someone else's shed?

  2. Dear Kirsten and sisters,
    I so hope you are able to find Clare. Poor thing, she probably is afraid someone will kill her for being a vampire. Your family is so special and unique. I know you'll love her no matter what.
    Best wishes in finding her,

  3. Makennah - Inna really IS a good friend. She was awfully nice about all this.

    We've looked in a few sheds in our neighbourhood; we told a little white lie that we lost our dog and were looking for her. No sign of Clare yet. It's still possible she's staying in one, there are just so many of them.

    Thanks for the suggestion! We've been enjoying hearing about your camp.

    Summer - Thanks! That is really sweet. You're pretty special and unique, yourself, and we have really enjoyed reading about your trip and seeing your lovely pictures.

    You're right, we'll love Clare no matter what. We feel like she's part of our family, almost. We just want her to be alright. We don't mind that she's a vampire. She just needs to trust us. I really hope we can find her, too...

    Love to you both!

  4. Maybe she will come back? I would be worried...if somebody is after her, then it might not be too good...I'm even a bit worried myself...
    I would go out and look for her. Let us know if you find her, or if she comes back.

  5. Aww man! I think that you did the right thing though, if Clare was in danger, then Blakeney would be able to help you more. And if she's left, then she might be exposed to more danger, so it's good that you've Blakeney on your side!

  6. Sabine - Yeah, we're definitely worried. It's scary enough when a teen is off on her own, but it's worse since we know she's hiding from someone. We've been searching for her (in our town and for information online) but so far no luck, and she hasn't come back.

    Aurora - For sure. We don't regret telling Blakeney. We regret Clare's reaction, but it was kind of inevitable. We couldn't just never tell anyone. Blakeney is as determined as we are to find Clare. She's pretty tenacious. (I think we've used the word "bulldog" to describe her here before, and it's apt.) I just hope it'll be enough...