Monday, September 26, 2011

Fun in Western New York! :-)

"Look at me, I'm the King of New York..." - Newsies

Hey, this is Summer! :-) Bree is here too.

We made it safely to our destination on Thursday afternoon. No major airline delays or problems, and we actually arrived in Rochester about five minutes early. The timing didn't work out for a meal at the Ethiopian restaurant (Blakeney's mom had to go to a meeting) but we're going to do it another day while we're here.

Since then, we've been having a really good time! The weather has been awesome - yesterday was warmer and sunnier than it was at home all summer!

We've visited Blakeney's relatives, met her parents, gone for walks, done lots of reading, and taken rides in their little red convertible, which is such a cool car. We're planning some craft projects, and we're also planning to bake a bunch of cookies for an event on Sunday. Neither of us are fantastic cooks, and Bree is nervous about ruining them, but I think with some help we'll be okay.

Today we've been working on the crafts thing. I'm working on pattern for a bag to carry my yoga mat (see, I told you it was good to bring it along!) and Bree has been making bead bracelets. Tonight we're getting pizza!

So far no sign of bad vampires, vampire hunters with a grudge, or other such crazies!

We've missed you guys! Sorry we aren't getting a lot of updates done, but we have to borrow Blakeney's dad's computer when he isn't using it, so we don't have a lot of time online. Plus we're so busy having fun!

Bree is saying she wants to go for a walk, and I think that sounds fun too, even if today is a little more overcast than yesterday. We haven't seen the "downtown" of this little town yet, so I think that's where we'll go. We both want to check out the library, and we're curious about the local museum.

Talk to you soon! :-)


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