Thursday, September 1, 2011

Update: More Bad News

Hey everyone. This is Bree again.

This is an update on our last post about Kiwi being missing. She still hasn't come home, and we haven't found her. The police haven't found her either. We checked the animal shelter and Humane Services in case she's stuck there in her cat form, but we didn't find her there. We were worried all along - she's only ten - but now we're getting really scared.

Late last night (or early this morning, really...) we temporarily returned to the house from searching, and found another note on the door. We all sort of drew in our breath, knowing what it was but hoping it was just an advertising flyer or something. It wasn't. It was a note from the evil vampires, of course:

"Time is up. We have the girl. We will trade her for Clare, tonight, at the park. If you cause trouble, you lose both. You can't win this. Do the smart thing."

We stood in silence for a moment, then Inna turned to Maia and said a little too calmly, "You know, I have really had enough of them."

Maia agreed with her.

Clare was looking terrified, but she said very bravely, "It'll be okay. I'll go. Make the exchange and get Kiwi back. I'm ready."

Inna shook her head. "It doesn't work that way," she told Clare. "We're not losing anyone. Including you."

Clare looked around at the rest of us, and saw that we all agreed. She still seemed worried, but she smiled a little. It can take time to realize some people keep their promises; believe me, I know it takes time. I think Clare gets that she's part of the family - but she's starting to realize she's as important as anyone else.

How Inna intends to pull this rescue off, I do not know. I guess we'll find out tonight...



  1. Oh no! Poor Kiwi and Claire!

    I've been checking your blog all morning long to hear what happened. I have my fingers crossed that everything is okay.

  2. Bree says:

    Hi Inky! Everything is okay. We just couldn't get to the computer till now.

    We're working on another blog entry to explain in detail what happened, but Kiwi is home safely and Clare is still with us.

    Thanks for the good thoughts!


  3. I'm glad that Kiwi made it home...I was worried at first. I wonder what happened, and I wonder if she is being targeted...

  4. Bree says:

    Thanks for your concerns, Sabine!

    We think they just grabbed Kiwi because they could, and they figured we'd trade Clare to save one of "ours." Except Clare is ours now, too.

    We're about to post the whole story of the rescue, so stay tuned.