Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Super Powers

After a number of weird episodes over several months, and after some testing and experimentation of our own, we have realized something as a family. We all have super powers! :-)

We kind of already knew that. At least, we knew some of us did, and our readers probably suspected it was all of us. Just recently, we found out what Felicity's was when we rescued Kiwi. For a long time, we thought Charissa and Evelyn didn't have any either... until we remembered some things that happened a long time ago. Very early on in our blogging times, Charissa just disappeared one day, but claimed she was there all along. We finally figured out why - she can turn invisible! At first it just happened when she was feeling shy or wished she was somewhere else, but she's started learning to control it. Also, remember when Evelyn broke her arm? And remember how she healed very fast from it? Well, we realized - after many skinned knees and elbows that repaired faster than normally possible - that her power is healing! We were pretty amazed; that's a great power, and we thought she had none!

While making all these discoveries, we've been testing and practicing, and we're starting to be able to use our abilities more consistently. This is a good thing, given how much crazy we seem to be dealing with lately!

For those who need a rundown, here are our special gifts...

The Greens:

Kirsten - Shattering things
Bree - Speed
Felicity - Influencing people with her voice
Clare - Being a vampire (surely that's enough!)
Josefina - Making fire
Molly - Creating ice
Kaya - Feeling other people's emotions
Charissa - Invisibility
Fiona - Telekinesis
Evelyn - Healing

The Roses:

Maia - Turning into a cat
Inna - ??? (She's very mysterious about it. She has suggested "fashion," "being Slavic," "having an accent," and "crazy driving" as what her power might be, but we're pretty sure she actually has a real one but is keeping it secret for some reason.)
Summer - Cat
Kiwi - Also cat

So... that's us! We're special, and strange, but mostly life is still just regular and normal. Only with more vampires, shapeshifters, and strange happenings than most people experience.

The Greens and The Roses


  1. That's pretty amazing that you all have such neat gifts! Kind of as if you were all meant to find each other. =) I wish I could do something neat.

    Well, I can kick a ball pretty far...

    LOL =D

  2. Charissa says:

    Hi Lucy! I wish I could kick a ball really far. Then I'd be awesome at soccer. I can only kick it medium-far. I love playing soccer anyway!

    That's a cool thing to be able to do, so yay! :-)

    We do feel like we were meant to find each other. (Actually we already did before this.) I wonder if anybody else will be meant to be part of our family in the future, too?


  3. This is just so cool. I'm curious about Inna's power, I don't think she is cat; it must be something that might look intimidating -otherwise she wouldn't be keeping it a secret- Maybe she is a lion! Or a black panther! I think I'm guessing too much...can't help it. I'm so curious!

    Charissa's power is just so cool, I wish I could disappear from time to time, or be able to influence people with my voice; that way I would make sad people feel better. It's so cool!

    Hugs to you all!

  4. Bree says:

    Hi Ava! Sometimes it seems cool, sometimes it's just weird. We're getting used to it, though. :-)

    We're pretty sure that Inna is not a shapeshifter of any kind. Maia said she isn't, and there would be no reason for her to lie when she could have just not answered. Summer and Kiwi don't think she is either, and after living with her they should know.

    We think it's something else. We just aren't sure what. She seems to know a lot about vampires and weird stuff like our powers. I'm not sure if that's a clue or a coincidence.

    Maybe someday she'll tell us, but I think she thinks it's not safe for us to know. I wonder if it has something to do with whoever tried to break into their house those two times? Inna said it was someone from the past, following them...

    No matter what it is, we love Inna anyway, and we'll do our best to protect her.


    P.S. The main reason Felicity uses her power of influence on a regular basis is to calm us down when we're arguing. Should we be embarrassed about that? :-P

  5. I wish I had super powers. I would like to be able to turn into a cat or be able to talk to cats. I think Jess (from my class) has the super power of being evil. Emily claims her SP is being "just plain awesome".


  6. Wow - you are all special! That is really neat. I'd love to be able to fly, wish I had that super power!

  7. Bree says:

    Angelica, I have to point out that you can talk to cats.

    Of course, whether the cat will answer back becomes the larger question. ;-)

    Bree the Obnoxious

    P.S. My sisters and I agree with Emily about her power. You're pretty darn awesome too, Angelica! We can't help agreeing about Jess, though...

  8. Bree says:

    Piper, I agree - being able to fly would be awesome! None of us can do that.

    But you don't have to have powers to be special. :-)

    We think you're pretty special too, Piper, and your room is awesome! (I may have to steal your hedgehogs - and who could blame me?)


  9. Salut!
    Wow...very neat! It's cool that you girls have superpowers.
    I've always wanted to fly, so I'm with Piper. That would be my superpower. Then, I could travel wherever I wanted to go.

    Haha...Sandrine has "influencing others with her voice" covered. ;) It's just that when she's angry, everybody does anything to calm her down...


  10. Bree says:

    Hi Sabine. :-)

    Hahaha! Yeah, Sandrine's method of influence isn't really what we meant. ;-)

    Maybe we should lend Felicity to Sandrine to calm her down a little. I wonder if that would work?