Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Evelyn Can't Fly

This was not the best day ever for the Green Family.

When we left for school this morning, it was sunny. Not warm, but it felt like spring because there was so much light. It put everyone in a good mood - maybe too good. By afternoon, it was snowing again in a gross sort of half-melty way, but the sunshine induced crazies hadn't quite worn off.

We can't really blame Evelyn for not being careful. She and her friends were running back and forth outside once school was over, chasing each other, and apparently Ev slipped on the wet pavement and wiped out. Unfortunately, it wasn't only her dignity and her jeans that were wounded. She landed at just the wrong angle, and broke her wrist.

Obviously, we had to take her to Emergency. Luckily there's a hospital only about five blocks from our house, and it's only a little bit farther in the opposite direction from her school. We didn't have to wait too long for an x-ray and a doctor, but any time feels like a lot of time when you have a broken arm. Ev was really brave, but it was obviously hurting her a lot.

The seven of us girls had to stay in the waiting room, and Blakeney went with Evelyn. Ev says they took some x-ray films of her arm, then moved her to a room and hooked her up to a heart monitor. When they did that she was afraid they were going to make her stay overnight, but the doctor said they just have to put patients on the monitor whenever they have anaesthesia. Once the painkillers kicked in, the orthopaedic surgeon set her bones and then put a cast on her arm. They let her pick what colour to get it in, and she got purple. It looks kind of cool, actually.

Finally we got to take her home. Evelyn said her arm didn't hurt anymore - it was numb and she didn't really feel anything from it except a few prickles. She seemed really groggy from the meds they gave her, though, so we put her on the couch and right now we're watching a movie with her. We even let her pick since she was hurt. She chose The Princess and the Frog, which none of us minded seeing again. Hopefully tomorrow she'll feel better.

So that was our day! Whew! We've been joking with Ev that she needs to stop trying to fly, so she won't fall on the sidewalk again. ;-)

The Green Girls


  1. Salut, les filles!
    I'm glad to hear that Ev is OK and that a broken arm was the only thing that happened. I broke my arm once. Bike accident. I thought I could change the song on my iPod while riding, but it didn't work. Also, in Lille, the sun never shines...my bike slid over a puddle.

  2. Hi, Sabine. This is Felicity.

    Yeah, in the scheme of things a broken arm is pretty minor - at least she didn't hit her head or something!

    Ev is resting now. The doctor said she should stay home from school tomorrow. We suggested that we should stay home too and keep her company but Blakeney said no. It was worth a try, right? ;-)

    Sorry to hear you broke your arm before! Using an iPod while biking sounds dangerous.

    We hear you on the sun shining thing for sure.

    There's a traditional song about our home (it's called "England" - it's about British immigrants missing their home) that goes, in part:

    "We'd spend our days amidst the waves,
    Working water, hook, and twine.
    We'd go for weeks with blistered cheeks
    Waiting for the sun to shine..."

    That's a bit of an exaggeration, but when the sun DOES shine, especially after a long winter, we all go happily nuts. :-)


  3. Oh, no, poor Evelyn! I've never broken anything, but my sister Nellie has broken her arm twice. It's no fun when your sister is hurting. I hope Ev feels better quickly.

    Your weather sounds like what's been happening here as well. All day Sunday it snowed, but then the sun would come out and all would be good until a huge wind gust blew up and it would become cloudy and snowy again. Spring has the weirdest weather.


  4. Ouch! Breaking an arm once is bad enough, but twice? Wow.

    Evelyn has had some broken bones before, prior to coming here. So have Bree and Fiona. Charissa broke her ankle two years ago playing soccer. Kirsten broke her arm when she was just a toddler, from climbing out of her crib, but she doesn't remember it. So this kind of thing has happened to us before. Still no fun, though.

    Ev seems better already. It's still not great, but she was smiling and cracking jokes with us about it by bedtime. We're relieved that she's alright.