Friday, April 15, 2011

Trouble for Fiona

The junior high and high school Greens observed the Day of Silence at school... but the elementary girls' day didn't go quite like they planned it, because of an (unrelated) incident during the school day.

When Evelyn got ready to come home from school, she was going to wait with Fiona like usual until they got picked up. Her teacher told her Fiona wasn't coming - she had gotten in trouble and was sent home early!

It's not like none of us have been in trouble in school before, but never so badly we were sent home. We knew it had to be something really terrible. Evelyn found out from the other students that Fiona had gotten in a fight on the playground with a girl from her class. (She's in Grade Five and Evelyn is in Grade Three, so they aren't in the same classroom.) She had the other girl on her back on the mud, and was punching her. She even scratched her and bit her! Blakeney was pretty upset, and we were all really shocked.

No matter how many times she was asked, Fiona wouldn't say what they were fighting about. She just sat at the kitchen table with her arms folded, and shook her head whenever someone brought it up. The only thing she said was that she didn't care what her consequence was for what she did.

Blakeney phoned the teacher, and the teacher thought Fiona just attacked the girl for no reason. The teacher said it was because Fiona has bipolar disorder - but Bree didn't think that was true, because Fiona never hit anyone at school before. We couldn't figure out what had happened, though, and Fiona wasn't saying. It was weird that she had done something violent like that!

A couple of hours later, the father of one of Fiona's classmates called and asked to speak to Blakeney. He said that his daughter had overheard what led to the fight, and it wasn't just nothing. The girl Fiona was punching had been saying mean things about Evelyn because she's black. Blakeney didn't repeat any of it to us, and neither did Fiona, but apparently it was really hateful and racist. Fiona told the girl to stop and she wouldn't, so they got in a fight.

Blakeney told Fiona that next time she was supposed to tell her teacher instead of hitting, but she didn't punish her besides that. I think she secretly thought the other girl needed to learn her lesson. We know we should try not to get in fights... but we can't blame Fiona for standing up for her little sister!



  1. Well it should never be ok to fight .. specially at school .. but I say it sounds like that girl needed to have a good belting .. it is horrible when people are cruel and mean to those a little different .. tell Fiona we are all behind her .. fighting is not the way to fix mean people .. but standing up for her sister is so special ..

  2. Fighting probably isn't the answer, but saying hateful things is even more wrong. I think it was brave of Fiona to stand up for Evelyn.


  3. Hi, Bree here. :-)

    One thing that has been hard in Fiona's life (and, honestly, mine) is a lack of good role models. Our parents didn't do a good job of showing us how to resolve a conflict with calm words.

    As Fiona grows up, she'll need to learn that, because you can't get through life solving things with your fists.

    For right now, though... I'm honestly not sure she knew what the alternatives were besides throwing punches.

    I'm proud of her for standing up for Evelyn the best way she knew how, though. My other sisters are too. I'm glad we're all feeling like one big family, who will stick together.


  4. Aww, I hate that! I hate when girls torment each other on the playground. Good for Fiona for sticking up for Evelyn - even if she went about it the wrong way.


  5. Bonsoir!
    Although I don't condone physical fighting, good for Fiona! Evelyn doesn't deserve that! As a victim of bullying (and psychological mind games...but that's a different story), I hate to see anybody in a similar position to my own.
    I understand completely why Fiona did what she did, though.

  6. Thanks for your support, girls! :-) Fiona is feeling too shy to comment on this, but what you've said makes her feel good.

    Sabine, sorry to hear you have been bullied. That's so mean! I will never understand it. People should just be nice to each other. Why is that so hard? I wish I knew the answer.