Thursday, April 14, 2011

Naming the (Future) Dog

We're trying to decide what to name our future dog, and we can't seem to agree! All of us put in our ideas. This is what each of us wanted...

Kirsten: Carter (after Jimmy)
Bree: Elphaba for girl or Fiyero for boy
Felicity: Sweetbriar
Josefina: Nummy Muffin Coocol Butter
Molly: Van Gogh
Kaya: Sage
Charissa: Sport
Fiona: Magic
Evelyn: Sunflower

Finally we decided that we will have to wait and see the dog before we decide. Maybe we'll come up with something completely different. Otherwise someone is going to have to give in, because our dog can't have nine different names!

The Green Girls


  1. Once you know what breed your getting and see him or her I'm sure a name will stick out. Some names sound better for a small dog or a big one. I like the name Sage, though. I knew a family who had two little girls and each picked out a name. Luckily the names sounded really cute together so the dog had a double first name.


  2. My vote goes to Elphaba or Fiyero, particularly Fiyero. :) However, seeing the dog in person first is a good idea before you decide on a name.


  3. Thanks for weighing in, ladies. You're both right - we'll have to wait and see.

    We've continued talking about it, though, because we all keep thing about it. During those conversations, we've realized two things.

    1.) Everybody likes Bree's choices, because we all like at least one version of Wicked


    2.) Even though we didn't agree on anything, three of us chose a flower or plant.

    So I think we have it narrowed down. When we see our dog, we'll decide if it's more suited to be something from Wicked or a plant. If a plant, we'll choose something entirely new in that category.

    We still have some more time to wait because Blakeney wants to do it after payday, since we'll need to pay the shelter fee and take it to the vet for a checkup. But we're already really excited!


  4. Cannot wait to see what dog you pick out .. and yes I agree with everyone you need to see your dog and sometimes give it a while before you name it ..

    You will enjoy having a pet .. everyone needs a hairy friend to share life with they make you laugh and keep you feeling loved.

  5. We agree! We're glad Blakeney saw the light! :-)

  6. Oh, yay, you're getting a shelter dog! It's such a great feeling to give an unwanted dog a forever family.


  7. This is Charissa.

    Yep, a shelter dog for us! :-)

    The shelter has a lot of really nice animals that would make good pets. We want to give one of them a home.

    Some of the girls in our family were in foster care, and all of us needed a new forever home, so I guess we can kind of... relate to a dog that has been in a shelter, in a way.