Monday, April 18, 2011

A strange day for two...

Two of us had weird days, separately, for different reasons. We're starting to think that our haunted house theory is off. But we aren't sure what's going on, because Bree's weird thing wasn't at home, and Josefina's was... well, you'll see. ;-)


Today was the first really warm day. We've seen hints of sunlight up till this point, but today seems like it was the definitive turning point for spring. There may be little patches of snow on the ground, but winter is on the way out!

So today, my school decided to have the tryouts for Track and Field and Cross Country for next year, so we people can start training and practicing over the summer. I've never officially been on an athletic team before, but I decided to try out because I enjoy running.

I was really nervous. Reeeally nervous. Running for fun is one thing; a tryout is another. I heard the bang and started going with the others, but I was so frozen mentally that I started lagging behind almost immediately. It wasn't that my body wasn't fast enough. My brain was holding me back. That made me frustrated with myself.

Suddenly, I started to go faster. It was like I found the motivation, because I didn't want to be my own biggest sabotage anymore. Before long, I was catching up to the last person back. Then the next. Then the next. And so on. I didn't really notice I was winning until my toes crossed the line.

My friends seemed proud of me, but they also seemed surprised. Like I shouldn't have been able to pull ahead. People said I was just a blur. There were even whispers from a few people that I cheated. That part wasn't too fun.

Tomorrow we'll find out who got on the team. I'm not not sure if I'll be on the list. Yeah, I came in first, but if people felt I was dishonest, that won't be worth anything. I was never sure I wanted to be on the team, because I have homework and other afterschool clubs. I don't want to be too busy. But I don't want it to end under a cloud of accusation, either.

Ugh. This was weird.


So, I've been reading more about poltergeists. The more I read, the more I think that maybe the reason my paper caught on fire that time was because I was angry at my homework. Maybe I made it happen? It was a strange thing to think about.

So I tried to do it again. I took a blank piece of notebook paper, set it in the shower just in case, and willed it to catch on fire.

Nothing happened.

I laughed at myself, and looked around to see if any of my sisters witnessed this embarrassing display. They hadn't. The door was still closed. So I tried again...

Again nothing happened. Nor did it the four or five tries that followed it.

I had really thought I was onto something. It was annoying to admit I was wrong. I was really, really irritated that I had suckered myself into such a ridiculous theory of supernatural stuff...

Suddenly there was a flame. I couldn't believe it. I just stared at it for a minute before I had the presence of mind to run the shower and put it out, so I wouldn't set off the smoke alarm again.

Coincidence? Or did I make it happen somehow?


  1. Bree - good luck with running! I've never been a fast runner myself. I'm better at strolling along and smelling the flowers :)

    Josefina - That's really spooky! Have you seen the movie "Firestarter" by chance? Hmmmm... I'm going to have to get out some paper and give it a try...

    *10 minutes later* - nope, nothing here. Maybe you're special!

  2. Hi Charlotte,

    I've never seen that movie. I looked it up when you mentioned it - it sounds scary! Luckily my life is nothing like that.

    Maybe I'm special. Or maybe it's just a coincidence. I'm going to experiment more and try to find out.