Wednesday, April 6, 2011

And then there were... nine! :-)

Yesterday, we asked Blakeney if we could stay home and keep Evelyn (and her broken arm) company while she was off school for the day to rest. Blakeney said no way; we didn't have broken arms, so the rest of us weren't allowed to miss time from our studies. We were disappointed, but it's fair. It's not like Ev was taking the day off having fun, either.

This morning, Blakeney said she had changed her mind and none of us were going to school. We all kind of exchanged looks, because we couldn't figure out the reason behind sudden shift in priorities from academia to leisure. Then she grinned and let it slip.

Today we got to go pick Fiona up! :-)

Instead of splitting up to bus or walk to our various schools, we all went down to the family centre to meet our new (well, not-so-new for Bree) sister. It was really exciting! We were giggling and talking and speculating the whole way.

When we met Fiona, she seemed really, really quiet. Bree said Fiona isn't usually that way; she was just nervous. Normally she's a chatterbox.

After some awkward introductions, we all went home, and showed Fiona her new room - she's sharing with Charissa and Evelyn. Fiona still didn't really say much, but she seemed to be doing alright.

At supper, though, she had a total meltdown. We couldn't really figure out what was going on. It seemed to be about not liking green beans, which is far from a huge deal. None of us could make much progress with her - until Felicity somehow managed to calm her down. I don't think even Felicity has any clue how she did that. We were all kind of awkward after the tantrum, but Blakeney told us that Fiona was just overwhelmed by being in a new place. Hopefully that's true!

Now that supper is over, things are going better. Fiona played Candyland with Ev and Charissa for awhile, and she seemed to have fun. Now we're watching The Princess and the Frog again because Fiona hasn't seen it and we still have the copy we borrowed. Overall, it didn't go too badly.

Finally, all nine sisters are here now! Yay! :-)

The Green Girls


  1. Welcome, Fiona! I know everything it really scary right now, but your in a great place and your sisters are totally awesome!

    I bet it won't take long for everyone to become adjusted to each other. Whenever one of my sisters was born everything went into chaos for a couple weeks before we settled in. Take care, girls!


  2. Welcome to Fiona .. it will take a bit but you will fit in and get to feeling at home iwth your sisters .. we are glad that you have found a new home to be at .. congrats.


  3. Hi, this is Fiona. I never wrote in a blog before so I don't know if I'm doing it right.

    Thanks for welcoming me. I think I like it here so far. It's just really different. The girls are really nice, though.

    See you soon.

  4. Bienvenue, Fiona! I'm looking forward to getting to know you more!
    I'm glad you're with everyone, now. I have a feeling you will make friends instantly, :)

  5. How exciting! I'm not surprised Fiona had a meltdown. Eight new sisters to meet at once can be really overwhelming. I'm happy for all of you. I'm sure she'll love her new (and old) family and will adjust! Best wishes!

  6. Welcome, Fiona! How exciting! We know the importance of sisters - they are always there for you and will always be family!

    Lucie and Juliette (and sister Claudette in Mexico)

  7. This is Fiona again.

    Thanks for coming to say hi. I actually like it here. It's just always hard to get used to a new place. Today and yesterday were better than the day before.

    It's nice to "meet" all of you! :-)