Saturday, April 9, 2011

Brief Blog Business

For the moment, we've removed our blog roll while we decide what to do with it. It may or may not be returning in the future. There are a couple of reasons we made that decision.

For one thing, we've found out that several of our friends have had material stolen from their blogs and copied by other people, and we don't want to help people with bad intentions find the people we like.

For another, we follow a lot of blogs, and we're constantly adding more as more of our forum friends make them. It's not practical to have every blog we like in our blog roll, but we're having trouble being selective without seeming like we're playing favourites.

So how about this. If you would like to have your blog featured in our blog roll, reply to this or contact Blakeney. Otherwise, we will still follow you but we will assume you would prefer some privacy regarding the list. :-)

The Green Girls


  1. We do not mind if you put ours up .. but we understand .. our blog list is getting really really long .. we actually have two .. LOL!!

  2. We'd be happy to include yours. It's definitely one we enjoy. :-)

    We've decided that the fairest way to do this is just to include those who want us to, rather than trying to make a decision ourselves.

    -The Greens

  3. Bonne idée! You can include mine in your list if you'd like. I understand what you mean, though...

  4. Thanks, Sabine. We've included you. (We also added Sandrine and Lilly - if this is a problem let us know!)


  5. Hey girls! Hope you're doing well. Thanks for your thoughtfulness, but we'll take a chance. We'd love to be included in your blog roll. :)

    Tess and Maggie (and Mama, too) ;)

  6. Thanks Tess, Maggie, and Mama. ;-)

    We've added you.


  7. I'd be fine if you want to list my blog.. there's not much there to steal anyway :P

  8. Hi girls,

    I don't mind if you list my blog (or not). There are so many blogs out there, and I know that I find myself caught between wanting to feature them all or just selecting a certain few.

    My blog roll is set to display the ten most recently updated blogs, and if you should want to see them all, there's a link at the bottom that says "Show all." However, only the ten most recently updated will show permanently. That way, every blog has the chance to be featured at some point or another. Maybe you'll find that helpful.


  9. Added you both. Thanks, Stella and Sophie! :-)

    We like the idea of showing only the most recent. That's pretty cool. Since we've already told people that we're only going to include blogs that give permission, though, I think we're going to stick with that.

    Thanks very much! :-)