Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wanted: Dog. Position available immediately.

Hello. This is Charissa.

For a long time, I've wanted a dog. My sisters thought having a dog would be neat too, but I was the one who really wanted one. It would be so fun! I could train it and take care of it and everything. I love animals.

I kept telling my sisters how great it would be, and putting up pictures of cute dogs in my room. Sometimes I'd leave those pictures in the living room, too, so they'd happen to see them. Now I've won them all over. They started looking stuff up on the internet, and now they think we'd be good dog owners. (I think it helped that our blog friend Taylor got one and posted adorable photos of him.) They all want one too!

Now we just have to convince our guardian. That has been a lot harder than just leaving cute pictures lying around. Blakeney says dogs are expensive, messy, and a lot of work. She points out that we don't have a very big apartment, and our (shared) yard is tiny. I think we could still have a dog, though! Couldn't we?


P.S. Fiona is settling in. The first night she was here, she and Bree went off and had a long talk. The rest of us were a little bit jealous because we were afraid Fiona would always like Bree better than us. It actually made things better, though. Whatever Bree told her, Fiona relaxed a lot afterward.

It's really fun to compare how they look. Their faces are very alike, but Bree's hair is a lot darker, while Fiona's is light brown. Bree's hair is chin length (she cut it herself! you can kind of tell...) and Fiona's is down to her butt. Bree is really skinny and Fiona is more average build. You can tell they're related for sure, though. I don't look as much like Kirsten, Felicity, and Molly.


  1. oooooohhhhh you will have so much fun if you get your dog for a pet they are so special to have around .. we all love ours .. they are a lot of work .. but well worth it ..

  2. Zan, Ava, and I were just talking about dogs. Actually, we were talking about how most dogs have food names. I came up with a good one for a chocolate lab- Cocoa Chanel. ;)
    I think you would do fine with a dog. You have your sisters to help, so I think it would be a fun bonding thing.
    I'm glad Fiona is doing well. I'm looking forward to getting to know her more.
    Nobody thinks Sandrine and I are twins (I swear we are!) because she wears green contacts and our hair is not cut the same. I don't get it. We're two different people. She can wear colored contacts if she wants, and I can have bangs if I want. Silly thoughts, no?

  3. Yeah, we think it would be worth it, too. :-)

    Kirsten may have clinched it for us today. She replied to our guardian that "We [the girls] are expensive, messy, and a lot of work too - and you like us!"

    Blakeney had no answer for that. ;-)


  4. I didn't see your post before I wrote the last comment, Sabine.

    Cocoa Chanel would be an awesome name for a dog! You should get one and name it that. ;-)

    It's funny that people don't believe you're twins. Are you identical or fraternal? Even if you're identical, it's silly to think you'd do everything alike with your appearance. Not like your haircut is genetic!


  5. I can sympathize, Sabine. I remember being out with Zelda and people assuming we were just friends, then looking shocked when we told them we were twins.
    Charissa, if you really want a dog maybe you could ask Blakeney if you could try volunteering at the animal shelter if there's one nearby, then maybe you could show her how responsible you are and that you'd be able to take good care of a dog. I think maybe you should ask about smaller dogs too, as they don't need as much space.
    Love, Stella

  6. Hi Charissa,

    I think Stella has a great idea - volunteering at an animal shelter is a great way to show how responsible you are! Or, maybe you could train a puppy to be a seeing eye dog. If Blakeney sees how responsible you are with that puppy, maybe she'll let you get one of your own.

    Bonne chance! I hope you are able to get one.


  7. That's a good idea, Stella!

    The actual animal shelter is either on the edge of the city limits or outside of them, and the bus doesn't go up there, so I couldn't really volunteer there.

    There's an animal rescue group too, though, and they work downtown, so I could walk there. That would be great! I'll ask Blakeney if I can.


  8. Hi, Sophie! That's a good idea too.

    I asked Blakeney if I could volunteer at the animal rescue and she said I could if one of my older sisters went too. Felicity and Bree both said they would!

    So I think it's going to work out. :-)


  9. I hope you are all able to convince Blakeney to get you a dog. I bet that dog would be the most loved, mothered, adored, happily spoiled dog in the universe, with all the attention you would lavish on it!! Also, even if Bree and Fiona have a special bond, it doesn't mean that they love you less, just that they have a different kind of special connection. I know I get along better with some of my sisters than others, just because we understand each other better.

  10. Thanks, Hannah! :-)

    You're right - we all love each other the same amount, but some of us get along better than others. That's just part of being sisters, I guess.

    I also think a big part of it is that Bree and Fiona have always been sisters, and the rest of us are new. Fiona has known Bree all ten of her years, and the rest of us for a week. Of course it isn't perfectly even yet! If it was, it would seem like the bond wasn't too deep after all.

    As time passes, I think we'll all get closer.