Monday, April 4, 2011

Dossiers: Added Fiona

Like we did before with Bree, we're adding Fiona to our big long dossier post. We want to have a central location for those. Once again, though, in case you don't want to wade through the whole thing to read about our newest addition, here's just Fiona's. :-)


Name: Fiona

Age: 10

Where he/she attends school: Anglican parish elementary school

Favorite color: Pink and peach

Favorite food: Plain noodles with butter

Personal Causes: Foster child rights, juvenile mental health, the arts

Favorite passtime: Jumping rope, playing with dolls and stuffed animals, singing, musical theatre

Three words YOU would use to describe their personality: Spontaneous, fun, mercurial

Three words HE/SHE would use to describe his/her personality: Exciting, happy, star

Favorite Quote: "There's always something." -Violet Baudelaire

Brief biography in 250 words or less: Fiona is Bree's biological sister, though they often lived separately when the family split up. Fiona ended up in foster care when her mother wasn't able to care for her properly or keep her safe. She was located again by the Green Family, and now lives with them. Fiona is an energetic and interesting kid. She loves theatre, musicals, and dance. She has some challenges, though, in that she has a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and sometimes acts out in response to her traumatic past. She is fun friend and a good sister, and has ambitions of Broadway someday.


  1. Fiona sounds like an awesome little girl. I can't wait to hear more about her and get to know her more.


  2. Bree here.

    Thanks, Emily. We still aren't quite sure when she's getting here, but it shouldn't be too much longer. Once she's around, she'll be appearing in our posts. :-)