Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Off to a bad start...

"But the notes are sour,
Where is the power
You once had to ignite the air...?" -Rent

Today was off to a bad start.

The start of the start was that the power kept going off in the late night/early morning. It was really windy, so that's probably why - although a lot of times it just seems random when it goes out.

The first two times, we knew it... oh how we knew it... because when it came back on the central vac roared, the TV came on and started blaring the cable help channel, and the alarm system started going crazy. Impossible to miss. So we would get up and stumble sleepily to calm the racket, and go back to bed.

Even with that, it wouldn't have been a restful night. And yet somehow, the third time the power went out and came back on, it did so completely silently. (Or maybe we just slept through the roar because we were so tired after the first two.) So we slept peacefully, oblivious.

Once we woke up, we had no idea what time it actually was. Blakeney checked the time on her Nook reader and discovered we had badly overslept. So instead of a nice morning, we all rushed around.

Kirsten was late for a math test in her first class (which she may or may not have watched The Vampire Diaries instead of studying for, so maybe it didn't matter so much.) Bree didn't miss anything major but she was really embarrassed to do the late-for-school walk of shame, and her teacher was really sarcastic about it. Felicity and Josefina missed their bus and their transfer, so they were even later and missed their whole first class. Evelyn was grumpy all day because she didn't eat enough breakfast - and probably also because her arm is in a cast. Charissa forgot her homework in the ruckus and got in trouble. Poor Fiona had this happen on only her second day of her new school!

Not the most auspicious day, to say the least. Now the internet is having problems, to top it off.

Hopefully we'll have time (and improved internet connection) to post the interview we've been working on. We asked Fiona some questions, and if all goes well, we'll be revealing her answers tonight.

The Green Girls


  1. We had power outages, too. It's not fun waking to the sound of jungle animals. Whenever the power goes out, the sound machine we sleep with (set to rain) resets itself. Ahhhh...nothing like waking up to monkeys. ;)
    Sarcastic teachers are HORRIBLE. My Spanish teacher isn't sarcastic as much she makes her favorites obvious. Not a good environment, I believe.
    Everybody has those kind of days once in awhile. Hang in there! :)
    PS- I can't wait to meet Fiona!

  2. Hahahaha! Waking up to jungle animals would be even worse!

    When we first woke up we were confused because there was this calm woman's voice giving instructions in the living room... but it was not Blakeney, who was stumbling around sleepily like the rest of is, and it was REALLY LOUD! It took us a minute to figure out it was the TV because it hadn't been on when we went to bed.

    I think the alarm system is sort of like your sound machine in that it needs to be reset after a power outage. That's why it was freaking out and the alarm going off. It added to the chaos, though.

    We have power outages a LOT, for some reason.

    Fiona is excited to be introduced, too! :-)