Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Summer Plans

One of the posters on AGPT asked a really good question: Are people's girls going to summer camp?

Blakeney realized, then, that she had not made any summer plans for us! She didn't really think about it because it sure doesn't feel like summer here. (It snowed a little last night and it's supposed to in the morning, too.) Now she's been scrambling to find activities we will all enjoy.

Kirsten is doing a Model UN "seminar" which she says is totally different from day camp, because day camp is for little kids and this is "serious." She'll be learning about politics and doing simulations about diplomacy and current events. Right up her alley!

Felicity, Bree, and Josefina are all going to workshops sponsored by the local public library. Felicity and Bree are going for writing, while Josefina will be doing photography.

Molly is of course going to an art camp the provincial museum is running. She goes there every year, and she says it's always fun.

Kaya's taking some dance workshops over the summer, but she's also going to attend an environmental science day program with Parks Canada.

Fiona, Charissa, and Evelyn have all decided to go to sleep away camp! And they're the youngest! That seems so brave. The camp is mainly the "traditional" kind: hiking, swimming, campfires and ghost stories, learning about nature, doing crafts... that sort of thing. They're going for two weeks, though, and for one of those weeks they're supposed to pick a "major" - meaning something to concentrate on and learn more about. Charissa chose sports and athletics, Fiona chose drama, and Evelyn of course chose horses. Sounds like fun!

All of us will of course be going on several camping trips during the summer - as a family and with our friends. That's a very popular activity in our province, and it's common for girls our age. It would be weird for us to spend the whole summer in the city! There are lots of great provincial parks within a fairly short distance, and we like to visit them, go for hikes, and sleep in our tent.

We still have months to go before summer. Now we have something to look forward to, though! :-)

The Green (and excited for summer!) Girls

P.S. Blakeney said when she gets paid WE CAN GET A DOG! She's going soft in her old age. (Just kidding, Blakeney!) We're so excited! :-)


  1. Yay for getting a dog! They're so much fun! Sounds like you girls are going to have a great summer. Mother is still deciding what she is going to do with us for the summer. I think she wants to send most of us away to camp.


  2. Thanks, Emily! It should be a really good summer.

    Your dog is really cute. :-)

    We're already talking about names for ours, and we all have very different things in mind! I guess we won't know the right name till we meet our dog in person, anyway.


  3. Yay for summer plans! I may be going to DC alongside Micki. That is, unless somebody begs to take my place. I've never been the the US's capital. I definitely want to go!
    It's good to hear you're getting a dog. What kind?
    Your other plans for camps and such sound neat, too. We're going on a camping trip as well. This should be interesting...

  4. Hi Sabine. :-)

    As we mentioned in your blog comments, Kirsten, Felicity, Molly, and Charissa have been to DC in the past. The rest of us have not. They say it's really fun!

    We actually don't know what kind of dog yet. We're getting it from the animal shelter. It'll depend what kinds they have when we go. It has to be small or medium sized because our apartment isn't that big, but otherwise we're just going to see which dog we bond with.

    Do you enjoy camping?