Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blogging leads to my first/last/only date with my crush

Hi, this is Josefina. I was nervous to go to school Friday because I know some of my friends from my classes read this blog from time to time, and I was afraid someone would have seen Molly's little info dump about my crush on a boy named David Ryan. I walked into the building with my head held high, but I could just feel the gossip in the air.

Everyone knew. Including David! Once I decided I wasn't going to die or sink into the floor with embarrassment, I actually listened to what he was saying - and it turned out he liked me too! He asked if I wanted to go for coffee that night! I told him no because it was Bree's party (as we already blogged about,) but we rescheduled for tonight, Saturday.

Tonight, I had my date. I put on my nice white blouse and a pair of jeans my sisters say looks good, and met him at Tim Horton's for hot drinks. At least... that was the theory. I knew my date wasn't going to go well because he was forty minutes late, and told me he was having a "bad hair day." I get those too - everyone does - but I still live my life! Sheesh! I figured he was just nervous, rather than as vain as that sounded.

It didn't take me long to realize the date wasn't going well. He thought I was pretty; I thought he was handsome. But the fact was, we didn't have anything else in common. All he wanted to talk about was sports. Did I watch the World Cup? This team or that one was his favourite for baseball and football and whatever. And on and on. Now, I don't dislike sports, but they aren't one of my interests. My knowledge of the topic (and frankly, my attention span regarding the subject) was pretty quickly exhausted.

After that, we talked about school... but our hearts just weren't in it. Who wants to go out on a Saturday night and have nothing to talk about besides classes and homework and our other friends? Eventually we were just pretty much sitting in silence, with him sipping his cappuccino and me with my hot chocolate. We weren't mad at each other but there was just nothing else left to say.

So once we were done with our drinks, we said goodnight. I think we both knew there wasn't going to be a second date. (And yes, he gave me permission to tell my blog friends about it.) I think it was worth going, though. It made me more confident to see that I could interest someone, even if it didn't work out. I was reminded of a valuable lesson, too... romance has to be more than skin deep. Maybe next time, it'll be more right.



  1. Hi Josefina,
    I'm glad you got to go on the date with David, because now you know instead of still pining after him. I'm sure you will find the right guy someday. :)

  2. Salut, Josefina!
    I'm glad that you did decide to go...I'm sure you'll find Mr. Perfect someday. Keep testing the waters; there are bigger and better fish in the sea.

  3. Hi, Josefina! I'm Sabine's friend. I'm sure you've read about me.
    Sorry to hear your date was a bust, but it's good that you went and took a chance. Like Sabine said, Mr. Perfect is out there! You just have to keep going out on dates, take chances, and so on. Trust me, I'm waiting for my perfect man to show up. It may not be soon, but I'll meet him someday!
    Lilly <3

  4. Hi, this is Josefina.

    You ladies are right, and I agree. In one sense, the date was not a success, but in another it served exactly its purpose - to find out if we were compatible, and in this case the answer is no.

    I'm not sad about it, and I don't regret it. However, I WOULD regret if I had wasted a lot of time pining over him.

    Ultimately, this is a good thing.

    I'm 14 years old. If I had met The One already, I'm not sure what I would do with that, because I'm not ready for a long-term romantic commitment.

    If I have my pick, I'd prefer Mr. Right to wait till after my university graduation! The timing would be better that way.


    P.S. It's nice to meet you, Lilly! We're following your blog now too. It's neat so far!

  5. Bonsoir!
    I suppose you have met my twin, but I might as well comment myself.
    Guys...well, I haven't had a boyfriend or been on a date yet (I'm 14 as well), but there are quite a few guys who are interested in me (back in France). They're cute enough. When I go back to France, I'll give them a chance.
    Sports aren't part of my interests, either. I dance, but I consider it to be a form of art, not a sport. Most of the guys I know are insane about football (as in soccer football...not American football), but I know so little about that. They also don't seem to be interested in talking about what I want to talk about.

  6. Hi, Sandrine. Thanks for your comment. We've "met" your sister through our blog, but it's great to meet you too! (Kaya is into dance too, by the way.)

    It can be complicated, finding the right person. They have to be not just a good person, but also compatible with us. It's hard a tough decision. Good thing we're not in a hurry, right?