Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Interview With Fiona

Our last interview - with Bree - seemed pretty popular with our readers, so we're doing it again! This time, we're interviewing our newnew sister Fiona. (Bree is our oldnew sister now, I guess?) Like before, we tried to each stick to one question. I guess we're rebels, though. ;-)

On to the interview...

Kirsten: How did you feel when you found out you were coming to live with us?

Fiona: Excited, I guess. And nervous. I wanted to be with Bree, but it was far away, and I wasn't sure if the rest of you would be nice.

Kirsten: Are we?

Fiona: Yeah, I like you girls.

Felicity: What was your favourite part of the trip here?

Fiona: Taking the ferry. I've never been on such a big boat before. I think it would have been more fun in the summer so I could go outside, but I liked looking out the window.

Bree: Are you still a picky eater like you used to be?

Fiona: I'm not picky! I just... don't like very many things. It's not my fault not many foods taste good.

[Bree sticks out her tongue; Fiona makes a face]

Josefina: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Fiona: Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Ireland is where my ancestors mostly came from, and Scotland and Wales would be interesting and fun. I'd like to see standing stones and maybe some fairies.

Felicity: Did you know that in the British Isles people sometimes eat--

Bree: She reeeeally doesn't need to know that! Ever.

Felicity: You don't even know what I was going to say!

Bree: If it wasn't potatoes or noodles, she'll just say "Ew!" Don't put her off world travel prematurely.

Molly: Fiona, would you rather freeze to death or be burned alive?

Bree: She asked me that too. She's harmless, don't worry.

Molly: Mostly harmless, you mean. So, to answer the question...?

Fiona: Fire.

Molly: Really? No one ever chooses fire!

Kirsten: Then why to do you keep asking, Molly, if people always answer the same way...?

Fiona: That was just my first impulse of which to say, I guess. People have always said I'm like a fire. I think the worst way would be drowning.

Kaya: If the laws of trespassing were suspended for one day, where would you go?

Fiona: A Broadway theatre on a day it's closed. I'd go on stage, even though it was empty. And I'd sing, just for me.

Charissa: Do you have a secret hidden talent no one knows about?

Fiona: Yeah, I can balance spoons on my hand.

Molly: Um, balancing one flat thing on another flat thing really isn't that difficult...

Fiona: No, with the spoon standing up. Like this.

[Fiona demonstrates; the girls are suitably impressed]

Molly: Wow, that's really cool, actually!

Evelyn: What do you wish you knew how to do, but you don't?

Fiona: Play a musical instrument. Especially the trombone.

Evelyn: Why the trombone?

Fiona: I don't know. I just like it. I guess the way they do the slide and stuff, it seems like a full performance, rather than just sitting there playing.

Kirsten: Now traditionally, at the end of the interview...

Bree: You mean having done this once before...?

Kirsten: Whatever. It's a new tradition. At the end of the interview, the interviewee gets to ask us one question back.

Fiona: I've been wondering, ever since I came to Canada and moved in with you...

Felicity: Yes?

Fiona: What is "hydro"?

All: Electricity.

Fiona: Weird.

And that concludes our interview! As always, stay tuned for more of all of us - including Fiona - here in the future! ;-)

The Now Nine Green Girls


  1. Lilly here! Hi, Fiona! We have lots in common.
    I agree, chicken nuggets that are shaped like things taste better! I also like them crispy and not squishy. I'm super picky, too, but you can thank the Ketogenic Diet for that. ;)
    Hey, maybe you can come to France with me, Fiona, when Sabine takes me! That way, I'm not the only picky eater who is an "embarrassment". *sigh* Sabine sometimes...
    Thanks for the interview! You're pretty cool, if I do say so myself.
    Lilly <3

  2. Great interview, Fiona! Best watch out for Molly, they can be quite strange :) My cousin is named Molly and she is totally obsessed with fish. My youngest sisters are picky eaters, too.


  3. This is Fiona. :-)

    Lilly, I think we would be great travel buddies! We could have so much fun in France driving our sisters and friends crazy. I'm glad you agree about the nuggets. You're cool, too!

    Emily, glad you liked it. I will keep an eye on her. ;-) Our Molly isn't obsessed with fish, but she IS obsessed with art. Maybe Mollys (Mollies?) are naturally obsessive.


  4. Hi girls - it's nice to meet you! I Look forward to learning more!

  5. Great interview .. it is wonderful that you got to come live with the girls and be close to Bree this way .. we love your blog and love to keep up with your news ..


  6. Thanks, girls. :-)

    Charlotte - we are worried about you after your last post. Can you assure us that you're OK?

    Jayd - Glad you like the blog! I'm really happy to be here, with Bree and the others. Have your new foster sisters come yet?