Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bree!

The Green Girls, reporting live from our sister Bree's slumber party! Happy birthday, Bree! Sweet sixteen today!


We've been having a really good time. It's actually a pretty big party, because Bree invited two of the friends she's been eating lunch with at school - Krista and Kelly - plus our family. (The other kids she sits with are boys, and you can't have boys at a girls' slumber party!)

We made pizza for supper, which was fun even though we ended up with a huge mess. We made four different kids of pizza, and it all tasted great. Then we made ice cream sundaes for dessert. Bree never eats much, but she had some and she said it was good, too. It was fun that we all worked on the food together, and since we all helped with cleaning up, it didn't take that long.

After supper we played games. For the occasion we had borrowed Trivial Pursuit, Risk, and Apples to Apples. Bree won Trivial Pursuit (fair and square; we didn't let her win even though she was the birthday girl,) Kirsten of course won Risk like she always does, and Felicity and Kaya tied in Apples to Apples. Josefina was a little sulky because she wanted to win that one too, but she got over it.

For presents, we gave Bree some new clothes, a set of Firefly DVDs, some books she wanted, a Great Big Sea CD, and a necklace we made for her. The necklace has a pretty painted bead with a bird of paradise on it; we explained that it was because we want her to feel happy in our house. Bree just said "thanks" but there were tears in her eyes, so we think it meant a lot to her. It seems like she liked all her gifts.

Then we popped popcorn - not that we really needed more to eat - and watched some Firefly episodes. Now it's time for movies. We're going to watch Fellowship of the Ring and Holes. If we're not too tired - and we're pretty wired! - we'll watch Labyrinth and Princess Bride, because those are the birthday girl's favourites.

Fun party! Wheeee! :-)

The Green Girls


  1. Oooohhhhh we love labrynth and princess bride too .. hope you are having tons of fun watching the movies and have a party ..

    Happy Birthday Bree ..
    Bolton Girls

  2. Happy Birthday, Bree!! Sounds like you had a great one. It's nice to see your with a family that loves you so much. :)


  3. This is Bree the Birthday Girl. Thanks for the birthday wishes, ladies!


    The party continues to be fun. We're starting to get a little sleepy but we aren't giving up.

    You know, Tess, you're right... I really am loved. My new family has shown that for sure. It feels really good.


  4. I'm a few days late, but Happy Birthday, Bree! I'm glad you had fun. You got a lot of great presents and a great family.


  5. Thanks, Emily! I had a really great birthday.