Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Kiwi, Charissa, Evelyn, and Fiona were playing hide and seek in the neighbourhood this afternoon, even though it was cold, rainy, and the sky was full of clouds. (Sometimes you just have to seize the day and play anyway. Waiting for good weather can mean waiting awhile, here.) They had fun for awhile, but then they couldn't find Kiwi at all. Finally they had to give up. They figured she'd get bored of hiding and come inside... but she never came home.

We thought she was just joking around, but it's dark now. That would be taking a practical joke too far, especially given some of the stuff we've dealt with the last few months. She's never done this before.

We told the police, and we're going out looking for her ourselves. Hopefully Kiwi just isn't thinking or got mad at us or something. But we can't help thinking about the "last warning" note we got from the vampires demanding Clare. What if they kidnapped Kiwi to try for a trade?

We're really worried! Hopefully Kiwi will come home soon...

The Greens and the Roses


  1. Are you serious?! Oh no, the warning note worries me. Please, hurry. I hope you find Kiwi soon, and that she is safe and sound!

    You all have to be very careful too!

  2. This is so not good .. scary too .. please find her fast .. it would be horrible if they took her for a trade for Clair and Clair would be so upset if that happened .. keep us posted we are waiting to hear what happens next ..

    Taryn N Family

  3. Bree says:

    Thanks, guys. Still haven't found her. Still looking.

    Hopefully we'll have good news soon...

  4. Oh no! I hope Kiwi comes home soon. Maybe she's changed into a cat to make herself less noticeable.

    I'll be waiting to hear what happens next. I'm sending the whole family warm, happy thoughts!

    P.S. Do Summer & Kiwi like to eat cat food when they are cats? ;)

  5. Oh, no! I hope you guys find Kiwi soon. How scary! If she did change herself into a cat, like Inky said, maybe she got picked up by animal control? It might be kind of hard to explain to the police why you're looking at animal shelters for a little girl, but it might be a good place to check.


  6. Bree says:

    Hi, Inky and Emily! Thanks for the well-wishes!

    It's possible Kiwi did turn into a cat, but it still doesn't explain why she didn't ever come home.

    She still hasn't. We're still looking. No luck at the animal shelter or Humane Services so far either.

    We did have a new development, but we'll update as a new post soon.


    P.S. I asked Summer about the cat food thing and she says sometimes. Inna and Maia don't buy it because the girls have their meals in normal form, but sometimes other neighbours leave it out for their pets. Then she admitted to eating bugs because they're fun to catch. I sorta wish I hadn't asked. ;-)