Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Update

Hi, this is Bree. :-)

I've never experienced a hurricane before. I've never lived anywhere that hurricanes would be an issue. So when I heard Irene might be headed our way, I was really nervous. I wasn't here last year for Hurricane Igor, but the other girls told me the stories, and it sounded pretty scary.

Of course, hurricanes here aren't normally like Igor. Normally it's just a little extra wind and rain when hurricanes hit Newfoundland. They tried to reassure me, but I was still really worried. Irene sounded like it could be very frightening.

I like storms, actually. They're pretty and interesting.

But I don't like mortal danger.

We've gotten about as much Irene as we're going to get, though, and we are definitely not in danger, mortal or otherwise. The air feels very heavy and humid, like breathing into a blanket... but that's about it. Earlier the sky was overcast (now it's dark because it's night) and it's been spitting rain on and off. The wind is audible, but that's common in Newfoundland and it doesn't seem heavier than usual. It seems like the worst of what remains of Irene will pass us by to the west; the western portions of the island are getting more rain and stuff. We may get rain the next couple of days... but we might have anyway, this time of year.

So - no hurricane danger for Bree! Yay! I admit a tiny feeling of letdown, though, that I got myself all psyched up to be brave and heroic and nothing happened. I'd rather have it that way than be in real peril, though.

Hope the rest of you East Coasters are safe, too! Please don't think I'm too much of a coward that I'm still getting used to this.



  1. We are sooooo glad that you guys did not get hit hard with Irene .. we do understand getting all ready for something like that and then nothing happens .. you are sad that you did not get to be brave and go through it and yet are also very glad that it mostly passed you by.

    We live on the total opposite side of the US .. and do not get much of anything out here .. which sometimes we find as a bummer because nothing exciting happens .. but are also glad that we do not have to go through such scary things ..

    Good luck with the rain so you have no flooding ..


  2. We got hit by the hurricane on Sunday and have been without power for a few days now-- only the admin office still has a bit of power and the internet has been going on and off. At first everyone was fighting over flashlights and whining because the water is cut off so nobody can shower, but now we're kind of used to it. :P
    Glad you're okay, Greens and Roses! :)

  3. Bree says:

    I'm glad you understand, Taryn. I feel less weird now! :-)

    Stella, glad you're safe! I hope everything gets back to normal for you soon. Sounds like you've had enough of an adventure. ;-)

    Thanks for letting us know you're still above water!


  4. You're not a coward... I would have been scared too! It's always super hot and humid here, so I'm getting used to that breathing under a blanket feeling. So glad you're safe!

  5. I'm glad you all made it through the hurricane safely! There was a lot of flooding and wind in New York, but our part of Queens was spared (save a bunch of down trees and branches). It was my first hurricane since we moved here!

    Do you guys get really big winter storms?

  6. Bree says:

    We're glad you're safe too, Inky! We saw news reports from NYC, and were hoping you and your family were alright.

    We do get big winter storms, yeah, especially in January/February/March. December here isn't usually too bad, though, for some reason.

    I haven't been here for a whole winter yet (I moved here in March) but the girls say they get pretty tired of all that snow, and the lack of sunlight.