Monday, August 15, 2011

Blueberry Festival

Yesterday we went on a trip to a little town called Brigus for the annual Blueberry Festival. We were hoping to get there in time to see them cut the three-foot blueberry pie (and eat some of it) but we didn't make it because we got stuck in festival traffic. It's amazing how many people were there!

We still had a lot of fun, though. We walked around and played games - once again Bree kicked butt, she's great at games - and ate food. We got to watch this machine that made mini doughnuts, and the doughnuts tasted great with cinnamon and sugar. We also had moose burgers, hot dogs, and fries/chips.

There were a lot of craft stands as well as food stalls. Blakeney bought some homemade jam, and got us a blueberry pie to take home to make up for missing the big one. We had it this afternoon and it was delicious!

They had bands playing the whole time, and they were really good. It was mostly Irish/Newfoundland music, with a few covers thrown in.

The place was really crowded, considering how late we got there. Apparently there was a great turnout overall. The woman at the food stall where we ate said they had sold 3,700 moose burgers over the course of the festival. (Which is a lot even if some people ate more than one, when you consider that there were other food options too.) The town was probably really happy about how many people wanted to come.

It was a great time - real Newfoundland summer fun!

There was only one downside to the day. When we got back, the Roses' window was broken and their alarm system was going off. No one was in the house, and nothing was taken. They called the police just in case but there wasn't really much that could be done. Hopefully it was just an accident/coincidence. Maia and Inna are kind of worried. They put that aside to join us for the pie, though. Hopefully it's nothing serious.

The Green Girls


  1. Yum! Sounds like a delicious day! There is a strawberry festival near agalamode's hometown, but I've never been. She's only been once. I think she'd much prefer a blueberry festival. I like most fruit, so both sound fine with me.

    I hope the Roses are ok. That was frightening, and I definitely don't want somebody to hurt them. They seem to be a target...


  2. Felicity says:

    Ooo, a strawberry festival sounds fun! We like strawberries too, but they aren't really grown around here. The climate isn't warm enough. You should go sometime. It sounds like fun! :-)

    The Roses seem alright, but we're worried. Sabine, you're right that they seem to be getting targeted. This is the second time they've had what appeared to be a break in attempt since they moved here - and that means since May, only four months. We do live in an urban area but that still isn't normal.

    We know someone who has tried to hurt them in the past is still following them; I think Inna told Blakeney the details of that, but no one has told us kids.

    Plus the mean vampires left that threat they haven't acted on.

    It could be either, unfortunately...

    Or it could be neither. It could be that some neighbourhood kid broke their window with a baseball and was too scared to fess up, or something fairly harmless like that. We just don't know.

    It's just making us concerned because there's so much else going on.