Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Good Day

Today was a really fun one for us. We (Greens and Roses) got up pretty early in the morning (that isn't the fun part, bear with us) and  went outside the city for a hike along the coast. We packed lunches, and covered a lot of distance. It was beautiful!

Unfortunately our camera is still borked, but we have some pictures from when we did the same hike before, so hopefully that will suffice. The main difference from today is that the weather then was sunny, and today was overcast and not very warm. That was good in two ways, though - for one thing, we didn't get too hot hiking, and for another, Clare got to go. (She's been able to do a lot of stuff with us this summer. I think it's a nice change for her; she kind of got used to not being involved in much because of the sunlight thing.) No sign of the meanie vampires.

After we were done hiking, we went for ice cream. It was a great end to the day. Now we're pretty exhausted, but we had a really fun time! It was a nice break from the stress.

The Green Girls

Pictures are under the cut, if you're currently on our main page:


  1. "Greens & Roses"-- sounds like a rock band, lol.
    I'm happy you got a day to spend without being interrupted by something scary this time. ^^
    Love Stella

  2. Bree says:

    Hehehe! It does sound like a rock band - especially from here, because the old Newfoundland flag before we became a Canadian province was green, white, and rose/pink. We didn't even think of that. :-)

    We're glad nothing scary happened, too! I guess everyone has to have a few quiet days!


    P.S. Clare started doing this thing with comments where she prefaced them with "Clare says," then Summer picked up the habit too. I think we're all going to start doing it, because it makes it more clear who is speaking.

    Says Bree. ;-)

  3. What beautiful pictures! It's a tradition in my family to always get ice cream after a hike, too. Kind of defeats the purpose of burning calories, but it makes the ice cream taste all the better.


  4. Kaya says:

    Thanks, Mac! :-)

    We've decided we aren't going to worry about calories for a few more years. ;-)

    It's great to have family traditions like that.