Saturday, August 20, 2011

Storage Solutions Advice?

Hello, friendly readers! :-)

We're currently trying to rethink the way we store our clothes. We'd like to get some kind of trunk or wardrobe to organize our things; we like some of the ones from American Girl but we'd prefer to find something a little cheaper. We aren't picky on the brand name as long as it looks decent and works well.

So we're asking you guys: How do you store your clothes? Where did you get your trunk/wardrobe/organizers? What brands do you like? What would you recommend for us?

The Greens and The Roses


  1. I normally store my dolls' clothes in a large plastic bin. It has wheels on the bottom, and it can easily slide under a bed or in a closet. I have one for shoes and accessories as well, and they are easy to stack on top of each other.

  2. Blakey jumps in...

    At the moment I'm using part of a drawer organizer, but we're rather outgrowing it.

    And to be blunt, I'd like something a little cuter than what I'm using now. ;-)

    Thanks for your input! :-)