Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Three of Us Are Ten

Hi, this is Charissa, Fiona, and Kiwi. Yes, all of us. We're writing this post together.

One thing that has been cool for us about being neighbours and then family is that all three of us are the same age. We're all ten. We love all of (both of) our families, but the three of us have developed a special bond because we're the same number of years old, and in the same grade.

Today we realized we could give ourselves special nicknames that all rhyme. Charissa is C, Kiwi is Ki, and Fiona is Fi. Pretty fun, huh?

It's almost like being triplets, only we didn't know each other until this year. Plus we look nothing alike. It's going to be fun when all three of us are in the same class, once school starts. The other kids are probably going to be pretty curious about us. Maybe we should wear matching outfits on the first day or something?

Do you have any siblings close in age? Do you have any fun nicknames for each other?

C, Fi, and Ki

P.S. Kiwi says it's going to be weird at school because the teachers all call her Caroline. That will take some getting used to! Sometimes the rest of us forget that Kiwi is a nickname, since she goes by it pretty much all the time.


  1. Salut!
    I can definitely understand having things in common and being friends with those your own age. I'm 14, and I mainly hang around 14 year olds. In France, I sometimes spent time with my brother and his friends. They're 18, and they always had something going on. I didn't have much in common with them, though, but they were cool if I needed advice.
    Oh, your nicknames remind me of Nicki, Vicki, and Micki. Nicki and Vicki are twins, and Micki is their cousin. Their real names are Nicole, Victoria, and Mikayla, though. They like the rhyming nicknames, and they suit their personalities perfectly.
    Speaking of which, Sandrine and I have a cousin with a name similar to ours. She's 14 as well, and her name is Séverine. She's from Rouen, and we didn't visit her often. Whenever we did, I had a great time. Sandrine gets along with our INSANE cousin Alexandrine from our mom's side of the family.
    Anyway, I always forget that Nicki, Vicki, Micki have real names that do not rhyme with each other. Last year, in my algebra class, I was confused whenever the teacher said "Nicole". Nicki, however, told her a million times that she wanted to be called Nicki, but teachers sometimes don't pay attention.

  2. Oh it is so fun to have friends right at your age that you get to go to classes together and stuff .. Marsali and I would be in the same year of school if we went .. we homeschool so that we can travel with our mama ..

    I have never had a nickname .. my name is Taryn .. so it is not the best for shortening .. Marsali goes by Mara most of the time .. it is really weird to here mama call her Marsali when you are used to mara all the time .. lol

    anyway .. hope you all have tons of fun at school this year ..


  3. Fiona says:

    Sabine, I love your friends' rhyming nicknames, and it's cool that their real names don't rhyme. That's like ours.

    It's neat that you have a cousin with a similar name, too! (The name Séverine reminds me of Severus Snape, which is awesome!)

    Kiwi has tried to get her teachers to call her Kiwi, but so far she hasn't had any luck because the school says it's too "informal." It's weird because outside of school everyone calls her Kiwi instead of Caroline.


  4. Fiona says:

    Taryn, it's cool that you're homeschooled. Clare is going to be homeschooled this year, and Kaya does some of her classes online and some as co-op. Awesome that you'll get to travel!

    Thanks for telling us about your nicknames!

    We hope you girls have a fun school year too. :-)

    Love, Fiona

  5. I understand Kiwi's annoyance and not being addressed by her nickname. My full name is Mackenzie and my teachers have always insisted on using it instead of Mac. My sister Evan has the same problem (real name is Evangeline). My friends are usually around my age, 12-14 years old. I like having friends who are different ages since we then all have a different opinion on things, but it's nice having a friend in class as well.


  6. Bree says:

    It's hard to think of you as anything but Mac, Mac. ;-)

    It must be weird for you and your sisters to be called different things at school than at home.

    The reason I'm commenting on this post (which I contributed nothing to writing) is that I've had a problem in the past with teachers trying to get me to use my "full name," assuming Bree is just my nickname.

    Um... it's not. It's my actual name. Bree is what's on my birth certificate. Bree is a name. I don't have a longer first name to potentially use!

    Some teachers have been totally baffled by this, for some reason.