Sunday, May 1, 2011

Foster Care Month and Walk So Kids Can Talk

Hi everyone! We'll be posting later on with some happy news of our own, but in the meantime, we wanted to draw your attention to a couple of important things that are going on outside of our family. As you know, many of us have been in foster care, and some of us have struggled with mental health issues or come from difficult backgrounds. So we felt it was important to mention this stuff.

This month - May - is National Foster Care Month. (This applies to our American friends too.) This month's observance is meant to draw attention to the needs of children and youth in foster care, and hopefully get people involved, whether as adoptive families, foster families, volunteers... or just getting to know the foster kid in your class, and realizing that you aren't so different.

Foster Care Month

Also, May 1st (today) is the annual Walk So Kids Can Talk event here in Canada. It's a big fundraiser in support of Kids Help Phone, which is a service where kids can call 24 hours a day and talk to a counselor confidentially and for free about their problems. Some of the kids who call just need encouragement or advice, but others are struggling with major mental health problems or abuse in their homes that might not get noticed any other way. This is a really great cause, and we encourage our friends to support it, whether today or throughout the year.

Walk So Kids Can Talk

Kids Help Phone

Happy May! :-)

The Green Girls

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