Sunday, May 8, 2011

In which Kaya and Fiona bond and Bree meets a strange person

Hi, this is Bree again, catching you up on our Saturday.

Today Fiona went to her first ballet lesson at the dance studio where Kaya studies. Fiona used to take ballet where she lived before, but when you start studying someplace new, there's always a lot that's different. She did really well in her class, though - the teacher gave her a lot of compliments - and the teacher seemed to like her.

Unfortunately, then something not so good happened. As she was getting ready to go, Fiona said how excited she was about being in the dance recital with her class. The teacher said, "Oh, but you can't! It's too late. You won't be able to learn the dance in time. You can't go on stage with your class." Fiona hadn't seen that coming at all. She had thought everything went really well. She wanted to dance with her friends. So she started to cry.

It's a very good thing I wasn't there, because I would have yelled at the teacher and probably gotten us both kicked out for good. I mean, that's my little sister she was being mean to! Luckily Kaya wasn't quite so hot-headed about it. She said she would teach Fiona the dance and personally guaranteed she'd be ready. The teacher was skeptical that it was possible, but she trusts Kaya, so she said she could try. If Fiona is good enough at the dance by the first dress rehearsal, she can be in the recital.

Kaya worked with her for awhile this afternoon, and Fiona was already catching on. Kaya said Fiona will be fine. She seemed really confident. I think Kaya saved the day for Fiona, for sure.

Also, I (Bree) wanted to add a random little story from my day. I was taking the bus to Chapters (the big bookstore; it's like Barnes & Noble in the United States) and this weird guy sat next to me. He was old and seemed harmless, but when he first sat down, he looked at me and said, "You're burning. You're on fire. There's smoke and you're on fire." I just kind of looked at him. I mean, what do you even say to that? It was so random. I couldn't think of a polite reply, so I just smiled awkwardly and hoped my stop would come quickly. He was quiet for awhile, then he leaned over like he had a big secret and said, "You're a panther. You and your entire family are panthers." I couldn't help but laugh. He didn't seem to mind.

I had a good time at the bookstore, and bought a couple of books that look like they'll be good. Usually I use the library, but I'd been saving my allowance so I decided to treat myself.

So, a good day for us, overall, in spite of Fiona crying at the dance studio. Everything worked out, at least... thanks to Kaya! :-)



  1. That's so sweet that Kaya is willing to help Fiona learn the dance. What a great big sister!

    I'd be terrified if some strange guy talked to me like that. I watch too many crime shows, lol. I'm glad he didn't hurt you or anything.


  2. Aw, that is very sweet of Kaya! Fiona is a very lucky girl to have such a great sister to help! :)

    OK...the man on the bus. That was extremely bizarre. I had my encounter with a strange woman when I joined the Americans trick-or-treating. She asked my friends and me if we had seen a dog, and that if you yelled "Buddy come home!", he'd come home (note from the human: This really was said to me while I was taking a walk one day!). I don't want to make assumptions when they could possibly be false, but he sounds like he might have schizophrenia...? Again, I don't want to assume or label, and I apologize. His speech just reminds me of a word salad I have read.

    To respond to your comment, YES! Mère is very difficult to live with. Her parenting style is strictly authoritarian while Père is authoritative. Thankfully, my dad is very understanding.


  3. Emily, I wasn't really too worried because it was a very public place. There were other passengers and the driver on the bus. The guy didn't seem to want to hurt me or anything, either; he was actually very pleasant about his statements. Of course, if he'd pulled out a lighter or something to make the burning thing come true, it would have been very different. I didn't feel I was in danger as it was, though.

    Sabine, yeah, I was thinking that too, and that was why I was trying not to say anything mean about him. He seemed like a nice person. I sort of felt bad for him, but he seemed... happy. So I guess he was doing OK.

    I'm glad to hear that your father balances out your mother. Otherwise I'm sure it would be even harder to deal with. I can relate to difficult parents.