Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Neighbours

A couple of hours ago, some new neighbours moved in next door. Kaya and Fiona noticed them when they were taking April (our new dog) out for a walk, and we decided we'd go help them bring in their stuff and see if they needed anything.

They turned out to be really nice. I think they appreciated the help because it was already getting dark when they got here. They said they had driven from the ferry (an hour and a half from the city,) so they didn't really have much choice about the time, because the boat schedule just is what it is.

Their family is actually a lot like ours! We were kind of surprised. They're sisters too. It's pretty obvious they aren't all biological, though, because they don't look alike at all. They aren't even all the same race... just like us! It felt like we had a lot in common.

The oldest two sisters are adults. Their names are Inna and Maia. (Inna has an accent; maybe Russian?) The middle sister is twelve, named Summer. The youngest is ten, and she's called Kiwi - but it turns out her real name is Caroline and Kiwi is just a nickname, because that's how she said "Carrie" when she was little and it stuck.

They didn't say exactly why they moved here, but it sounds like it was something to do with Inna's job.

So, those are our new neighbours! We decided to mention them in our blog because we hope to be friends with them, so we'll probably talk about them more in the future.

The Green Girls


  1. Salut!
    New neighbors are always fun; it's especially neat that they have a lot in common with you girls. Maybe you could invite them for dinner? Mère had a dinner party when Gérard's family moved from Mont-de-Marsan (he wasn't my neighbor, though.)
    Definitely keep us updated on them. Kiwi is a cute nickname, too. :)

  2. Exciting! We know a girl named Kiwi (real name Kiana) and it's certainly an adorable nickname! Congratulations on your new dog!

  3. That's a good idea, Sabine! We took your suggestion and invited them for tomorrow night. They said they already had a commitment for supper time, but they asked if it would be OK if they stopped by a little later in the evening instead. Which, of course, is fine with us too. Should be fun times!

    Juliette, Lucie, et Claudette - Thanks for the congrats on the dog! We think Kiwi's nickname really cute too. And Kiana is a really beautiful name also.