Monday, May 30, 2011

Like sands through the hourglass...

...So the days of The Green Girls' lives! ;-)

Hi, this is Kaya. Sorry we haven't updated in awhile. We've been busy. School is ending for the summer for us, so us older girls have been doing final papers and projects, and studying for exams. Felicity and Josefina have been practicing their French conversation for their oral exams. Josefina has also been working hard on the final issue of the school paper for this school year.

I've also been getting ready for my dance recital. As I mentioned before, I'm in five different dances. Two are modern; three are ballet. One of the ballet ones is en pointe. So I've been at the dance studio pretty much every day except Sunday, and my toes really hurt! It's worth it, though, because the dances are really coming together.

I've also been getting Fiona ready to dance with her class. She knows the dance really well now, so she's definitely going to be allowed to be on stage even though she's the "new girl." (We'll find out for sure from the teacher in a few days, but I'm confident in her!)

We rehearse for the first time on the stage on Wednesday, and then Thursday will be the full dress rehearsal. Friday and Saturday we're doing performances! I'm excited but nervous!

Dancers don't say "break a leg," but we do tell each other "merde"! To our French speaking readers - yes, that means what you think it means. ;-)

Sunday all us sisters had a break, so we barbecued hotdogs on the grill with our neighbours, then we all watched Doctor Who. Fun times! Back to the daily grind today, though. Not long till school's out for the summer!



  1. So that's why Sandrine and now Chrissa say that before dance team competitions...I'm sure Sandrine uses it freely, too, knowing her...
    Anyway, Malorie caught on, but she doesn't speak French, so she used the Spanish version.
    I cannot believe I just typed a paragraph on that word. Wow. Awkwardness. ;)
    But have fun, and um, bonne chance!

  2. Hehehe! Thanks, Sabine. :-)

    Just like people who do theatre, dancers think (either for real or just for fun, depending on the person) that you can jinx someone by wishing good fortune on them, because fate or whatever will do the opposite. So theatre people say, "Break a leg!"

    For a dancer, though, breaking a leg is actually a serious possibility, and it's not one we want to be worried about on our big night. So we wish each other "merde"... which basically means "Have a crappy time!" and intends the exact opposite.

    I don't mind if people say "Good luck!" to me if they'd rather, though. I don't believe in all that capricious fate stuff. I just joke around about it.