Monday, May 16, 2011

The Police Visit...

And not the English rock band, either.

Hi, this is Kirsten. Last night there was some chaos in our neighbourhood. At almost 3 a.m., we woke up to the sound of something loud next door, like a banging and a crash. We went out on the porch, and a couple of guys were trying to break into our neighbours' house! Before they could react to us, we ran back into our house and called the police. We only live about two blocks from the police station, so the cops were there in just a couple of minutes. I think the burglars heard the sirens, because they ran away.

We had to give police statements! That was pretty different. None of us have ever done that before. We were all pretty nervous, but the police were nice to us. They knew we didn't do anything wrong; they were just trying to find out if we remembered anything that would help them catch the guys who tried to break in next door. Unfortunately it was dark and they were wearing hoods, so we didn't see much, but maybe what we said helped.

Luckily Inna, Maia, Summer, and Kiwi aren't hurt, but they're pretty shaken. Last we heard the police hadn't caught the burglars, but hopefully they will soon. So that was our drama! We're all pretty tired after all the excitement last night. Hopefully tomorrow we'll get a better post done - and things will be calmer!



  1. I'm glad to hear that everyone's safe!

  2. Thanks, Aurora! It's good to see you again!


  3. Wow...that's terrifying! I'm so glad that they are OK. I can understand that they'd be shaken.
    Wow...just wow...I feel terrible for them. Nobody should have to experience that...

  4. How scary! I'm glad everyone is alright. I hope the police catch the bad guys.


  5. Thanks, girls. Our neighbours also say thanks for your concern; they know we mentioned them in our blog and we read them your comments. They appreciate the sympathy and support.

    Unfortunately break-ins are not an uncommon thing here. (We live in an urban area.) Our neighbourhood is pretty safe in general, but it's just one of those hazards of city life.

    So far the police haven't caught the burglars. I don't know if they have any suspects. It could have been someone who knew they have art in the house because of Inna's job - or it could just have been random. I hope the cops will figure it out soon.

    Meanwhile, our neighbours are doing alright. They had an alarm system installed yesterday, so hopefully nothing else bad will happen.