Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Went Camping! :-)

Hi everyone! This is Kirsten, Bree, and Felicity. We didn't get to post from our camping trip like we expected, in spite of the novelty of a campground with internet access - we were just too busy having fun.

Bree had never been camping in Newfoundland before, so she decided to do some internet research to find out what to expect from the great outdoors in our province. She found a link about black bears. Now, black bears are not common in Newfoundland, especially within any proximity to the city. Somehow that website interpreted this as basically, "If you venture into the woods, black bears will kill you." None of us have ever seen a black bear, but poor Bree spent the entire weekend looking over her shoulder for bears. ;-)

We did see a moose, though! They're very large and not very smart, so they can be aggressive. Luckily this one was just grazing and didn't want to bother us.

We slept in a tent, cooked our meals on a charcoal grill or over the campfire, went hiking a lot, went climbing on some rocks, and told ghost stories and roasted marshmallows after dark. You know, the usual camping stuff.

It was fun! We're glad to be home, though... with lots of laundry to do, but oh well. Camping is popular here so we'll probably go several times between now and the fall. Next time, hopefully we can all go, because our younger sisters are jealous!

Today was the official Victoria Day - May 24th. In honour of that, and in honour of our camping trip, a little joking video from "Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers" about the Victoria Day weekend activities.

Hope everyone else had a nice weekend too... whether or not you went camping!

Kirsten, Bree, and Felicity


  1. Sounds like an awesome camping trip! It rained my whole weekend. I can't wait until it's nice enough to roast marshmallows and make s'mores.

    That's funny about Bree and the black bears! My friend JJ is so jealous that your guys saw a moose. That's her favorite animal.


  2. Hi! It sounds like you had lots of fun camping. I've never been to Newfoundland either - I bet it's beautiful. I really want to see a black bear, but maybe in a zoo.

  3. There are a lot of moose here! You guys should come visit and see them! :-)

    You're not likely to see a bear, though. ;-)


  4. Your camping trip sounds like it was a lot of fun! I haven't really been camping, unless sleeping on the back deck of your aunt and uncle's house counts. I definitely had fun doing that, but my cousin Elise decided to personally relocate me to a nearby field...

  5. Sounds fun, Sabine. Sleeping outside is a nice change, even if whether it's officially "camping" is debatable. ;-)

    Sorry we haven't updated in awhile! We've been busy! Hopefully we'll get a new post up tonight.