Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Hi, this is Felicity.

Kirsten and Bree had driver's ed this afternoon. They left after lunch, in their usual manner... bickering about which of them is a better driver. (Bree totally is, but Kirsten is stubborn.) They were teasing each other even as the door shut behind them and they went to catch the city bus to the school where the class is held.

Normally they come home at 4:00, but there was no sign of them. Sometimes they miss the bus and have to catch the next one, but there was no sign at 4:30 either. 5:00 rolled around, and we thought they might have decided to go somewhere after class and forgot to call, but we were starting to get really worried. Our guardian was reaching for the phone at 5:07 to call the school and try to track them down, when it rang. It was Kirsten, and she wasn't calling from class, or from the mall, or from anywhere she and Bree might hang out. She was calling from the hospital.

Kirsten told us that another car came out of nowhere, crashed into the side of the driver's ed car, and then drove off. The cars they choose for the program are like tanks, so neither our sisters nor the instructor were hurt, but the police took them to the hospital just to make sure nothing was wrong. They were pretty shaken up - especially Bree because it was her turn behind the wheel at the time and it hit her side - but they weren't physically harmed.

Obviously we went straight over to the hospital. Kirsten and Bree had to finish giving a statement to the police, but then we were allowed to take them home. They were really relieved the whole thing was over, although Bree is still kind of trembling even now.

Up till the point we got home, we were assuming it was just random. I mean, accidents happen when you drive. Once we were at the house, though, Bree quietly informed us that the people in the car that hit them were the vampire hunters she tried to send on a wild goose chase to Vancouver to protect Clare. Apparently they weren't very appreciative of the detour, to put it mildly. At least it bought Clare some peace.

Knowing this made the whole thing even scarier. Apparently the mean people are really angry now. We're worried about Bree (and the rest of us too, really) if they try to take more revenge. But we're also worried this is going to undermine all the progress we've made with Clare, if she thinks the risks to us have gotten too high.

For tonight, everything is alright. Now we just need to figure out what happens next...



  1. omg! well, I'm glad that everyone was okay, but how scary is that!? I bet Bree will be worked up for a few days, at least, I would be.

    If they were just the vampire hunters, then they're real people, like living ones that can get hurt... I wonder if any of them were hurt? I know it's terrible to wish that sort of thing on someone, but maybe if they were, they'd leave you alone for awhile.

  2. Hi, Aurora!

    Yeah, Bree is still shaken for sure, but she's doing better now. The funny thing is when we went to the hospital Kirsten seemed pretty calm, but awhile after we got home she totally freaked out! I guess at the time she was just going on adrenaline, and then once the danger was over her mind jumped to what could have happened. I'm sure it'll take them both a few days to get over this.

    You're right... these people were humans, and they could definitely have gotten hurt. We don't know for sure because they drove off, but it is entirely possible. We hate wishing ill on anyone too, but it would be nice if this kept them out of our hair for awhile.

    Or, better yet, it would be nice if this convinced them to be done with us entirely. I doubt that, unfortunately, since they still hate Clare - but we can wish!

    We're so relieved our sisters and their teacher weren't hurt, at least!


  3. We are so glad to hear that no one was hurt on your side of the family .. we are anxious to hear about what is going to happen ..

    We have been out of touch for awhile as Mama was sick so we read the last two months of posts tonight just to catch up and hear about Claire ..

    If Claire wants anyone to talk to .. our sister Brya is half vampire and half human .. she knows some of the stress of being a vampire as well as knowing what it is like to be human .. she always feels out of step here even though we are all very close as sisters ..

    It is so good to be back .. we have really missed hearing your stories and life ..


  4. It's good to see you, Marsali! We've missed you and your family. (Two months' worth of our posts in one night - wow! We feel kinda bad for you having to read all our ramblings in one go like that.) Sorry to hear your Mama was sick, but we're glad she's feeling better.

    We did remember about Bryna's situation. I think it might help for Clare to talk to her. Thanks for offering! It would be good for them to make friends.

    We look forward to reading more of your adventures!