Friday, July 15, 2011


Hi, this is Felicity again.

Last time we posted an entry, I predicted that things were going to come to a head after the accident. Unfortunately, it turns out I was right. Sometimes I wish I was wrong about this stuff more, but I know my family.

Last night, I think the final last straw came. The power went out on our block... which means no alarm systems. Under the circumstances, that was worrisome. Our neighbours came over, and we all camped out in our living room. It was really fun, actually, but we couldn't deny that it was for safety in numbers. I could tell Clare felt even more guilty, if more guilt was even possible after the car crash.

Ever since Tuesday, Clare has been all but silent. Today she was in the bathroom for a long time, with the door locked and the shower running. Molly was oh-so-compassionately going to fuss at her for using up so much hot water, but when she got to the door she heard Clare crying, so luckily Molly was sensitive enough to drop the subject.

The last few days have been sunny. Today it was rainy and grey, though. The kind of day where vampires don't have to worry much about daylight. Apparently, that was enough to get Clare to make her move. Or maybe it was just how much guilt was already brewing in her over the changes she brought to our lives.

While the rest of us were in the kitchen working on supper - we made crêpes, so it was a bit of a project - Clare slipped off and started packing her bag.

Bree heard her rustling around. She motioned to me, and we followed her into the bedroom. "What do you think you're doing?" Bree asked.

"Leaving!" Clare replied. "Like I should have done a long time ago."

"We don't want you to leave!" Bree couldn't help feeling angry, and honestly I kind of was too. We've been sympathetic, but after all that's happened and all we've been through together, it was hard not to be mad that she was just ditching us again without a word. Bree's face was like a storm cloud. "We've already faced danger and come out on the other side. How can you just walk away now?"

"Very easily," Clare replied coldly. Her eyes weren't cold, though. She looked really sad, and I knew it wasn't as easy as she was pretending it was.

"Clare, please..." I said quietly.

Clare hoisted her bag over her shoulder. 

Bree glared at her. "Doesn't anything we've done for you matter? Isn't the time we've spent together important?"

Clare turned to walk away, and Bree grabbed her shoulders. Clare pushed Bree. Bree pushed her back. 

"Girls, stop it!" I said helplessly, unsure what to do.

Clare slapped Bree, and then so fast I barely saw her hand move, Bree slapped her too.

Suddenly they paused, like they were frozen, and stared at each other. Bree started laughing first, then Clare started giggling too. They gave each other a hug. I was baffled by this strange ritual. Five seconds ago they're hitting each other, and now they're friends? Weirdos!

Anyway, Clare didn't go. She put her stuff away and sat with us at the table, even though obviously she didn't eat any food. Clare was smiling again, and she actually joined the conversation a few times. Things seemed nearly back to normal.

So that was our meltdown. It wasn't exactly the finest moment for any of us. All families have their problems... and our family has weird problems... so I guess in the end, we did alright.



  1. I'm glad Clare decided to stay. Good for Bree for making it clear to her that you all didn't want her to leave!

  2. This is Bree, not Felicity.

    Thanks, Summer and/or Rebecca! :-)

    I wish I'd kept my temper a little better, though. (I don't have a short temper normally, but sometimes stuff builds up in me, like this.) Hitting people isn't a good way to solve problems. It all worked out, but I could have been nicer if I didn't get so caught up in the moment.


  3. Salut!
    I'm glad that Clare decided to stay; I would have been worried if she left.
    Bree, it's fine; I understand. Situations sometimes get the better of us- I know completely. :)

  4. I am new to your adventures, but it sounds like you really love Clare and I am glad she decided to stay with you. Meltdowns are fairly common at my house. Daddy is a little more dramatic than Papa and I and we tend to think he is a bit nuts sometimes, but then everything is fine two minutes later.


  5. Hi, this is Bree again. :-)

    Sabine - Thanks for understanding. I don't want people to think I'm a violent person in general, because I'm really not. I'm actually pretty quite and introverted. This was just kind of... building for awhile, and the consequences could have been pretty extreme if she'd left. I'm glad we worked it all out.

    Things have remained better since. I think that in a weird way, I managed to get Clare's attention again. Just... in a less nice way than the Cirque du Soleil tickets. ;-) Sometimes you gotta do whatever works.

    Angelica - Thanks for stopping by! It's nice to "meet" you. All my sisters say hi, too. :-)

    At our house, we tend to have a lot of little spats between sisters, but it blows over fast and it doesn't get physical, we just kind of snark or occasionally yell at each other.

    I don't handle conflict well. It scares me. I get afraid something bad will happen or someone will get hurt. I do trust my sisters, though.

    I think all families argue sometimes. It took me awhile to realize that: even good families don't always get along. It's just a matter of how you make up again afterward.