Friday, July 22, 2011

Six Months

This is the six month anniversary of our blog! Wow, can you believe that? A lot has changed in that time:

1.) There are two new sisters in the family, Bree and Fiona.

2.) Our neighbours became friends, then more like family. We found out they have some secrets, but we love them in spite of it.

3.) We met Clare, learned that vampires are real, and gained her as another honourary family member.

4.) We learned that we have powers we didn't even know existed.

5.) We got a dog!

There's one more thing, too, and it's related to Point #2 above. Lately we've been thinking how hard it'll be if we ever move, or our neighbours do. We'd really miss them. So we've decided (including our guardian and the adult sisters next door) that we're going to to keep being a big family. We're not just going to go our separate ways. We've all sort of adopted each other anyway - and now we've put it in words and made a decision. We're really happy!

Here's to six months making great blog friends! And here's to many more!

The Green Girls


  1. Congrats on your blogiversary, girls! =)

  2. Happy six month blog anniversary! Boy, you sure have had a lot of exciting discoveries in a short period of time. I wonder what the next six months will be like!
    Best wishes,
    Summer and Rebecca

  3. Joyeux "blogiversary"!!!
    Girls, please never stop writing. I very much enjoy reading about your adventures, and I am excited to see what happens in the future.

  4. It will be interesting to see what changes in the next six months .. you have a lot of new fun life changes this six months ..

    It is wonderful that you and your 'extended family' plan on staying together .. we sure understand that one .. us and our cousins will probably be together forever now too ..

    Have a great weekend ..

  5. Happy 6 month anniversary! Love you girls a bunch!


  6. Happy blogiversary! It's been really cool getting to know you all so far! :)

  7. Thanks, everyone! We've really enjoyed blogging... but even more than writing about ourselves, we've enjoyed getting to know all of you! Your comments and our conversations are the best part, for us.

    We definitely plan to keep blogging, and sharing our adventures - and sharing all of YOUR adventures, too!

    Love you guys lots! Thanks for being our friends!

    The Green Girls