Monday, July 11, 2011

The New Normal

Hello, friends! This is Kaya. :-)

Life has been pretty crazy here lately, what with the vampires, vampire hunters, were-creatures, and secret powers! It seemed like every day, there was something new and unbelievable. You know what, though? Eventually everything still settles into a routine. There's a new pattern... but it's still a pattern. Our new routine includes being vigilant for rogue vampires, and our new pattern involves cats we know are human sometimes and abilities we've always thought were just in stories. Still, most of the time we just live our lives like everyone else.

So here's an update on some bits and pieces from that life:

Cirque du Soleil was fantastic! It was like nothing we had ever seen. The artistry was just amazing!

Kiwi, who takes gymnastics and acrobatics classes (and who, we would add, very much has the showmanship and confidence down too) has now decided she wants to join Cirque du Soleil when she's older. Bree, on the other hand, was totally fascinated by the technical side of it, and what has to go on behind the scenes to make the show come to life. During the school year she participated in Drama Club and was a techie for the school play, and although she'd never really been involved in theatre before that, she was hooked. It was fun to watch her watch and learn from the people who are so crucial to the show but don't usually get the credit.

Summer took Evelyn to the barn with her, and they had a blast! Ev is definitely going to start riding lessons when she gets home from sleep-away camp. Right now, getting ready for camp is occupying a lot of time for her, Fiona, and Charissa.

Kirsten and Bree are taking driver's ed, and they're super competitive about it. (I think Kirsten mainly started that, because she has a more intense personality, but Bree rises to her bait sometimes.) The sad truth is - and I'm sorry Kirsten! - but Bree is the much better driver, at least so far.

Molly has been working on a painting of Summer and Kiwi as cats. So far it looks pretty good! She paints on the deck whenever it's sunny and warm enough. Josefina is practicing her photography, and in the mornings she takes a class in it at the local museum. Felicity is getting her first-aid certification. Charissa is volunteering at the animal rescue, and training our own dog April to be a model canine citizen. (It's definitely paying off!) Fiona and I are taking dance workshops offered at our studio, while regular classes are out of session.

The best news, I think, is Clare. She's not talking about leaving anymore. I think she had a great time at Cirque du Soleil, and she keeps mentioning it, which makes us smile. Since she can't go outside when the sun is out, and it has been lately, she's been doing a lot of reading and yoga, and putting together jigsaw puzzles. Clare actually seems pretty content and relaxed.

Even better? Usually when she's talking to us, she refers to "your family"... but yesterday she slipped up and called it "our family" and didn't even catch herself! It's a small thing, but it's progress toward her feeling that she belongs here. Which she does! :-)

So that's what we've been up to when not dealing with paranormal excitement and mortal danger! Just wanted to show you that our life is actually still pretty normal.

Kaya (and Sisters)


  1. Don't worry at all- I love hearing about the vampires and such. It's very interesting to me, especially since I don't devour vampire-related fiction like Lilly.
    Cirque du Soleil is amazing! I definitely agree!
    That is so sweet that Clare said "our family". I am glad that she feels accepted and girls definitely make awesome friends.

  2. Wow! You all have certainly been busy!! Totally not related, but...I wish you would get a camera. I'm dying to see pics of you all in action!!

  3. Sabine - Glad you're enjoying the turn things have taken. It took us some getting used to, but we're happy and it all feels pretty natural now. I'm sure it'll take Clare a lot more time to be totally secure after all she's been through, but we're glad she's moving in that direction. Thanks for saying we make awesome friends... we think you're an awesome friend, too!

    Rebecca - We wish we could, too! Blakeney looked at the camera store over the weekend, but money is a little tight at the moment. (Not to the point anyone should worry about us, we have food and we're making rent and stuff, just we can't get a whole lot of extras right now.) We'd love to post pictures, though! Maybe we can borrow a camera from some friends soon, or something.


  4. Wow your Girls are Busy Bee's!!!! Hope you have fun doing all your activities!!! I wish we could steal some of your Sunshine, it's FREEZING here!!!

    Neri ;D

  5. Neri, you may NOT have our sunshine! :-P

    We live veeeery far north, and our summer only lasts about six weeks. Our winter is seven months long. A week ago we still had to wear long sleeves and coats, and we didn't see the sun for weeks because the sky was so grey. This is the only time of warm weather we get all year.

    You Australians may not have our sun just because it's your winter! ;-)

    (Totally teasing you, obviously!)

    Needless to say, we're enjoying our summer tremendously! :-)


  6. My sister, Elizabeth, is taking drivers ed. too. I'm never getting in the car with her! It was scary enough when I was a baby and she pushed me in a stroller!

    I'm glad you girls are still able to enjoy a normal life and are still able to do the things you love. Take care and stay safe!


  7. Hahaha! We can understand that, Emily. Kirsten and Bree can't legally drive us yet, but once they can it'll probably be pretty scary! Maybe we're better off still taking the bus.

    Take care and stay safe, too! We certainly plan to. ;-)