Sunday, July 3, 2011

(Our) Interview with the Vampire

So, one of our favourite things to do when we get a new family member is to interview them. (We've done so twice so far - Bree was the first, then Fiona.) Clare isn't technically a member of our family in any legal sense, and she hasn't even promised to stay for the long term, but for now she feels like a surrogate sister. We wanted to interview her, and after days of pleading and bugging her, she finally agreed.

Clare said each of us could ask her a question, and she'd answer it for the blog. After a little more begging, she said she'd answer questions from readers, too! So if there's anything you're dying to know about Clare, leave a comment, and she says she'll answer... as long as she's not revealing anything "too dangerous." Whatever that means.

So here's the interview...

Kirsten: So, what's it like to be a vampire?

Clare: Um... that's pretty open-ended, isn't it? What's it like not to be a vampire? I guess I would say... there are things that are fun, like being strong and fast. There are things that take some getting used to, like drinking blood. And there are things that are worse than being a human. Daytime is really boring. Plus, you know, people try to kill you a lot.

Molly: Do you kill people?

Clare: No. I eat animals. I felt bad about that at first because I like animals - but it's not like I was a vegan before, anyway. Here in the city, I mainly eat rats.

Bree: Were you always a vampire?

Clare: No.

[Silence; it becomes clear that's all the answer Bree will get for now]

Fiona: Do you have any special abilities, for example reading minds, or turning into a bat or mist?

Clare: Not that I've noticed. I'm pretty sure I'd be aware of that. It would be really handy if I could.

Kaya: So, when you watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer with us, is that like a slasher film to you?

Clare: *laughs* I never really thought about it that way. It's just fiction. I don't take it that seriously.

Felicity: Do you remember before you were a vampire?

Clare: Sure, it was only a year ago. I'm not some kind of immortal ancient or anything.

Evelyn: Will you ever die?

Clare: *laughs again* At the rate I'm going, your dog will probably outlive me. Theoretically, though, I won't die of disease or old age, but I could be killed.

Josefina: Is your family still alive?

Clare: Yes, some of them.

Josefina: Then why don't you live with them?

Clare: Most people aren't as eager as you girls to have a vampire in the house.

Charissa: Are you staying here?

Clare: *looks uncomfortable* I doubt it. I wish I could.

Kirsten: Sure you can! And you should!

Clare: We'll see.

Now... it's time for reader questions, if there are any. What do you have a burning desire to ask Clare?

The Green Girls


  1. Cool! I have a question for Clare. When I taste blood, it tastes kind of like metal. Does it taste different to you as a vampire? Like, chocolate syrup, or something?

  2. Clare says:

    Interesting question, Keesha. It doesn't taste different exactly - it's still metallic, etc. - but that taste is GOOD now, instead of gross. My body knows what it needs, while your body knows if you ingested too much you'd get sick.

    So it's not like it has a different flavour, or tastes like food. It's just that it's something we (meaning vampires) have a thirst for.

  3. Clare, what do you think of how vampires are presented in pop culture nowadays? Twilight, etc, what do you think? Silly, scary, ridiculous...

  4. Clare says:

    Some of it is silly, some of it is scary, some of it is ridiculous... but which is which is really a matter of personal taste.

    When it's fiction, I guess I don't really expect it to be "accurate." It's a fantasy.

    So I like some of it, and don't care for some, for the same reasons as anyone else: is the story interesting to me, or not?

    I love to read, and I can enjoy a good vampire story without comparing it to the specifics of my own life, as long as I can relate to the emotions the characters feel.

    Good question. :-)

    P.S. I actually really like Buffy! Is that crazy? I didn't really watch it before, but the girls here tune in to the rerun that's on every evening, and I'm enjoying it too.

  5. Clare adds:

    Since you asked specifically about Twilight, Stella, I'm not a fan but the main reason is that I'm not really into romance stories. It's not... like... that it offends my vampire pride or something.

  6. Hiya Clare and the Gang!!

    ^Sorry over Excited at the moment^

    Anyway, Clare is it True that your afraid of Garlic???

    Off topic a little but do you like cats [in a untasty way]????

    That's all I can think of!!

    Neri ;D

  7. Clare says:

    Hi Neri. I was wondering when someone would ask about garlic. ;-)

    I'm not afraid of it in the sense of, like, being terrified. I do avoid it, though, because I seem to be allergic to it. It's an irritant to my skin and eyes, and gives me a rash. It's physical, though, not psychological.

    I've always liked cats, but I've felt more of an affinity for them since I've been a vampire. They're like... fellow hunters, or something. I can't imagine myself eating one. This is silly, but I say hi to the cats I see while I'm out hunting.

    Great questions, everyone! I'm surprised people are this interested in me!

  8. Clare,
    Thanks for sharing so much of yourself on the blog. I hope you get to stay for awhile, I would like to learn more about you. What do you like to do for fun?

  9. Clare says:

    Thanks, Summer. I'm trying to share but it's hard sometimes. It's been awhile since I could trust people not to use what I say against me.

    I hope I get to stay here for awhile too, but I don't want to put my friends in too much danger. If things get bad... well, I may have to run again.

    Before the vampire thing, I did a lot of stuff outside. I used to play tennis, softball, and field hockey. I liked to swim, and go hiking. Now because the sun is a problem, I have to find new hobbies, though.

    I've been reading a lot, because I can do that indoors during the day. One of the girls from next door (her name is Summer, too!) is teaching me to do yoga, and let me borrow her mat. It's very relaxing, but it's nice to have some physical activity again.

    Maybe I should post this question in return - what activities would readers recommend for a vampire during the long hours of daylight?

  10. Try staying inside, surfing the net, relaxing, reading those books you've been meaning to finish. You could try learning something new- you could try figuring out how to do yo-yo tricks, you could learn to hula-hoop, whatever you wanted. I'd stay away from right near the front door, though, because someone might see you and wonder why you weren't in school.
    By the way, can you eat human food, or does it make you sick? Does it taste bad now?

  11. Hi, Clare! It is so cool that you are a vampire. I love vampires!
    By any chance, have you read The Vampire Diaries or the House of Night series?
    Lilly <3

  12. Clare says:

    Great ideas, Stella! I'm totally going to try yo-yo tricks and hula hooping. :-)

    I can eat human food in very small quantities. It makes my stomach feel upset, but I can manage as long as I don't have too much or do it too often.

    It doesn't really taste good anymore, though. You know how sometimes when humans eat things right before they get sick, it never quite tastes right again because the two things are associated in your mind? That's how human food in general is to me now. It still tastes the way it did, but that taste is very unappealing.

  13. Clare says:

    Hi, Lilly! I'm glad you love vampires. I love humans, too. ;-)

    I haven't read any Vampire Diaries books, but I've seen the show and I like it a lot.

    The girls' guardian had a sample of one of the House of Night books on her e-reader when she let me use it, so I read the sample. (I think the book was called Marked.) It was pretty good! I haven't read a whole one, though.

  14. Clare says:

    By the way, as a general comment... in a way, I don't know that much about vampires. I didn't exactly have any preparation. I mainly know about myself.

    I think there are several different types of vampires, though - so I don't think every kind would be exactly like me. Some might have very different parameters...

    So if you meet one in a dark alley, don't assume it's exactly like Clare. ;-)